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Ah hisashiburi ^^; (?) I try to blog once or twice a week, but last week I had no chance to ^^; By the time I realise, it’s friday already ^^;

Husband decided to pick up Gunpla (Gundam model) building, which is great :D

What is Gunpla?

ETA: omg I found out that I won first place in the mascot contest! O_O; Am very pleased and thank you punynari san!

It means I get to use his airbrush and tools :P to do doll stuff LOL

This time my project is still blythe doll related ^^ I do not have the confidence to try airbrushing on dollfie dream yet.

We took over the bathroom ^^;

Okay some other random stuff ^^; Blossoms

Loud airplane flying past ^^;

In LOL cat news (I told you it’s random!) Yoshi sleeps on top of Ginko this time ^^;

Couldn’t find the laksa paste I used the last time, so we try a different brand

Notes about this brand: It has a lot more chilli oil ^^; so me and husband were coughing from the spicy as we eat ^^;

What’s in it? Tofu puffs, cucumber slices, hard boiled egg, and pan fried shallot slices :3 Nom nom!!

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  1. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    wow the set up in the bathroom!! I always wondered what airbrush tools look like ^^ Its getting hard to tell where one kitty starts and where one ends :D yummy to noodles, I’m having to redo my cooking habits. they are not bad but keep striving to be healthy.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    hehehe for the longest time I didn’t know that the airbrush has to have a compressor part lol I only knew of the airbrush in photoshop ^^; We were recently gifted a steamer pot, I hope to find some good recipes for steaming :3

  3. chun
    chun says:

    hahaha well, I only cook for me and husband mostly, and the cucumber comes in a bigger pack ^^; so time to time, a few days with cucumber as the side :P

  4. i-pup (Jun)
    i-pup (Jun) says:

    Congratz on getting first on the mascot contest ^^
    Hope u got a playback vidz on your process of drawing and cging of the mascot
    Really luv to see it =D

    Its so interesting to see how u setup the ventilation of the compressor, is that self-made?

  5. chun
    chun says:

    Thank you :D And lol unfortunately don have ^^; I think my laptop is not powerful enough to support a recording program playing in the background =_=

    I think the set up is self made by my husband :)

  6. Eddy
    Eddy says:

    He’s wearing a Hadoken shirt! I dunno… always wondered if you married the right guy, but now I know for sure! XD

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