Nono not cooking our cats :P Just some recent photos of Ginko (grey girl) and Yoshi (tabby boy)

I was inspired to try to prepare home made version of Soto Ayam at home thanks to Moonberry :3 Will put the food shots after the cat photos :P

I suspect Ginko is the alpha kitty in the family ^^;

Ginko for some weird reason likes to sleep on top of her brother ^^;

Yoshi doesn’t seem to care… least when he was deep in slumber :P

puni puni…


Princess Ginko :)

Princess and the beanie, Ginko enjoys hanging off the edge ^^;

Wonder if I was just a bit home sick when I felt inspired by moonberry’s post about making Soto ayam, a little while back, it was Laksa lol!  I wasn’t gonna make it from scratch tho! Found this packaged paste during our last grocery shopping :D Product of Singapore even ^^;

Food pix ahead!



So part of the morning was spent preparing these:

Made 2 servings :) the soup is enough for around 4-5 servings tho, will keep the rest in the fridge after it cools down.

1) tofu puffs cut diagonally
2) chicken breast, pulled into strips after cooking in Soto paste and 1000ml of water
3) hard boiled eggs
4) cucumber strips (I’m not a fan of picking bean sprouts lol)
5) coriander (or otherwise known as Chinese parsley)
6) pan fried shallots – into golden brown, be careful not to burn it ^^;

The above is  set aside, and the noodles was cooked and strained just before serving, and the soup re-heated :3

Arranged the dry stuff in 2 bowls…

Pour the steaming hot soup over… and itadakimasu!

Husband liked it ^o^ So this is a keeper :P will reduce the noodles for next attempt ^^; The shallots smells very fragrant, reminds me of my mom’s cooking ^^;

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18 Responses to Cats and cooking

  1. A bit too much vegetables for my kind of Soto Ayam XD But I guess we have different styles in Singapore and Indonesia. We use bean sprouts and no cucumber.

    Cats doing 69?

  2. chun says:

    lol! I like to put more vegetables, the chicken and tofu puffs were hiding under XD And yes! I think the style is slightly different :) I was just subsituting the beansprouts cos I don’t like to pick the roots out ^^; No comment about the 69 :P

  3. Saku says:

    You need more pan fried shallots :D. Yah, Indonesian style doesn’t use tofu , however, we use clear thin noodle (whatever it’s called). Picking the roots out from beansprouts is such a pain in the butt ^^;;.

    We have another variation of ‘Soto’ and it’s called ‘Soto Betawi’ or Beef Coconut soup. It’s something like this ( Do you have something similar in Singapore ?

  4. chun says:

    heehe yes :P I need more pan fried shallots lol I’m generally not a fan of those, but I guess after a few years of being deprived of my mom’s cooking, something which reminds me of it will do for now ^^; This Soto Betawi sounds yummy :D I’m not sure if we have that in Singapore tho XD

  5. k says:

    That looks really yummy! I’m going to try …. to get someone to make it for me. ^^.

  6. chun says:

    lol! if U ever come by here I’ll try to make it for U! lol

  7. i-pup (Jun) says:

    really luv to see your kawaii Neko^san
    Home made cuisine is always very nice and delicious ^^ …
    U planning to come back sg anytime?

  8. Kam says:

    Yoshi’s yawn is what I would do for yawning from now :P

  9. bcotaku says:

    I just had Mee Soto during recess in school just now ^^; was pretty yum. Pity I forgot to add the mee soto chili. No chili for you too?

  10. Koharu says:

    Yummmmmmmm =]
    I might try and make this! ^^

  11. k says:

    you leave me no choice! I’ll have to start planning a trip to canada soon! I hope you guys don’t charge $10 for entering. ^^.

  12. YuKi-To says:

    wow ur soto is overstuffed! Can’t see the soup =P

  13. chun says:

    hahaha yeah I made too much other bits and bobs =_= there was hardly enough soup ^^; well I learnt my lesson lol hopefully next attempt will be better!

  14. chun says:

    mmmm I should have bought the Mee Rubus paste the last time we saw it! I miss it too! *slaps forehead* I’m not a chilli fan lol

  15. chun says:

    like father like son? :P

  16. chun says:

    muhuhu glad you like them ^o^ they’re a joy to our family ^^ unfortunately kinda no budget to visit SG ^^; we just moved last year and it was kinda hard on the finances wish air tickets not so expensive! =_=

  17. chun says:

    hahaha if you really come all the way here, there will be no entry fee for you! XD

  18. i-pup (Jun) says:

    Oh but really hope can see u demonstrating drawing in sg.
    Maybe can do that during AFA10 ^^

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