An-chan fan art for Bakemonogatari Giveaway

Okay I said I will try it, and this one I am cutting it pretty close cos suddenly got a lot of stuff to do (and argh some haven’t completed) ^^;;;;;;;;  Chibi chan is organizing a Bakemonogatari Giveaway ending 14th March which I thought I’ll try my hand at too :P

For bigger version please click on image below :3

Will update into the Gallery later ^^;/

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  1. FatB
    FatB says:

    Don’t be fooled by her innocent look. She turns pandas into bloody cheesecakes, and eats it with a smile.

  2. Gunstray
    Gunstray says:

    WWF does not like, Art lovers Approve though^^;;

    Damn, chun, do you have a thing for cheesecakes?, I see it randomly popping out of nowhere

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