About Happy Puppy and friends…

I have had a puppy dog character as my mascot/representative for many years, ever since my teens when I started drawing comic strips and illustrations :) I use 小狗 (little dog) as my pen name for many years when I was still living in Singapore, before starting to use a character from my actual chinese name. The mascot puppy still stay around, as it is a reminder of my start and humble roots.

The mascot Puppy has had many faces and has changed and evolved for many years. I probably borrowed the idea from my Mentor of many years as he always have a character of a dog jumping around in his comic strips.

Puppy has a side kick, Mouse :3 The idea of that character came from my husband’s chinese zodiac sign, the rat Mouse appear as a short tail hamster form as we found the tail of an actual mouse/rat a bit too much like a worm ^^; I have great fun drawing Puppy and Mouse, as they are simple and whimsical :3