Waffles the cat Tee-shirt

Brief background: Waffles is the name of an adorable scottish fold cat which belong to a couple of my friends in the states <3 Waffles has his own facebook page which has a lot more photos ;)!

With kind permission from Waffle’s owners, currently a couple Waffles tee shirts are listed on Zazzle :)

I set the option to white tee-shirts only, due to that I think the white teeshirt prints are more satisfactory.  All sales on my zazzle are generally used on stickers/name cards to give out ^^;/ I will probably make some designs to make stickers too :D

Kids size L will fit the smaller ladies

For the guys and girls who prefer a looser fit :)

Happy puppy teeshirt brief comparison

Remember this post? My Happy Puppy teeshirt arrived this week, and just last week I washed another one of the same type of tee shirt I ordered… so gonna document it here.

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Happy puppy now on teeshirts

I recently ordered a kid size tee in large from zazzle for myself to replace a teeshirt which was getting worn out ^^; I found the quality was okay on the white teeshirt so I decided to post a couple teeshirts up using the Happy puppy image I used for buttons and stickers on my zazzle ^^

Kid size

Adult size (modeled by a cute lady!)

Muhaha ^^;


Evil food post 2

Inspired by Danny’s drool inducing Japanese food post, I dug up some food pictures which hasn’t been posted :P

“Fight poison with poison?” (以毒攻毒!)

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Happy Puppy Stickers and Buttons

Bought some stickers during zazzle’s promotion, and found the stickers not bad, so am posting some up for sale on the zazzle shop ^^;/ the buttons are a bit bigger than the ones I ordered locally tho.

Think I want to try to order a puppy mug in future muhuhu

Batmouse Evolution teeshirt

Got a teeshirt for husband for his birthday (late present since his birthday already passed :P), too bad it did not arrive before Anime Evolution on the weekend ^^; Right now it’s waiting to be washed lol


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Zazzle issues

The Miraifox teeshirts have currently been pulled because zazzle is having problems producing the quality we expected…
Until it is rectified, we are trying to work with zazzle to remedy the situation. If you happened to receive a sub quality shirt, please do contact zazzle to have it sorted out ^^;/

I am really sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused, we previously received the same type of tee shirts with different images, so we were shocked that the quality was not the same as the initial tee shirts. Read more

Puppy Love Strawberry

A quick doodle inspired by the strawberry season :)

Where’s the strawberry?

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Zazzle new T-shirts designs and commissioned work

So some of you may have noticed that I had put up a couple of Zazzle shirts with fan art of Danny‘s lovely Suenaga sisters. Was gonna write about it sooner but got a bit busy with other stuff ^^;

Click on image below to access a slightly larger image.

Last week, I posted 2 styles of Tee-shirts on my Zazzle page, please note that you can totally change the shirt style to fit a different gender.
I just wanted to post 2 different models on 2 different coloured teeshirt which they have on site rather than use the same people over and over.  So below I linked to 4 different shirts I quickly created thru Zazzle site for example. :)

Haruka and Mirai fan art for Dark shirt Haruka and Mirai fan art for Dark shirt Haruka and Mirai fan art for Light shirt Haruka and Mirai fan art for Light shirt

Before I hit the sack, I also want to quickly mention, with great pleasure and honor, I was commissioned to create a Santa outfit for Haruka Suenaga for the header this festive season :D

Thank you, Danny it was a fun project!  Below are 2 screen captures from dannychoo.com :3
Original image of Haruka chan is created by the talented Azami Yuko sensei!


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Thursday doodles and more stuff arrived!

I drew a few sketches today but end up feel like posting only 2 ^^;
This one is xmas-y themed?

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