Erina Nakiri fan art WIP

I have been busy ^o^;

I intend to document work in progress of some of my CG artworks and upload them on youtube! Please Subscribe if you like what you see! ^o^/

Click image below to view video, Drawing the outline in Studio Paint ^o^/

Click image below to view video, Colour start! Part 1 ^o^/

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Commission work – Yu chan

I was commissioned by Alvin to draw his Dollfie dream Yukino chan into a 2D mascot. This post is to document some of the progress :) Thanks Alvin and Yu chan!

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Paper Lamp shades are delicious

Ginko thinks paper lampshades are yummy, and futher destroyed our lampshade in the living room ^^;

PS: I knew it was her because I saw her do it right in front of me :P

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Happy Easter :D

Danny indirectly reminded me that I have been neglecting my mascots lol so brought them out to wish everyone a quick easter holiday ;)

The puppy52dolls blog has been a bit more active ^^; Gotta prep lunch, so bbl~!

Random stuff

Ah hisashiburi ^^; (?) I try to blog once or twice a week, but last week I had no chance to ^^; By the time I realise, it’s friday already ^^;

Husband decided to pick up Gunpla (Gundam model) building, which is great :D

What is Gunpla?

ETA: omg I found out that I won first place in the mascot contest! O_O; Am very pleased and thank you punynari san!

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2010 doodle

Ah it is the year of the Taiga Tiger ^^; So this is the first doodle of the year ^o^!

Click on image below to full view :)

Thanks to those for viewing me drawing it on my my ustream channel ^o^! I usually tweet about it when I gonna start broad casting ^^/

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Ustream channel

Discovered thru Azami sensei and Danny, managed to pop on it myself, here’s my channel. Basically it’s a real time broadcasting website where you can share what you’re doing at the moment, real time tutorials etc…

I drew a couple sketches on my last broadcast ^O^ below is one of them, was trying to draw a Moe + sexy maido chan ^^;

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A doodle and etc

Yikes, just realised haven’t blogged in a bit, just been busy trying to sort stuff out and settle in. Boy, it’s only when we down size then we realised we have a lot of stuff lol!

Haven’t really drawn seriously in a bit, the recent sketches of Mirai chan on reminded me ^^; Not much time to colour personal stuff yet, so here is the black and white pencil sketch for now ^^;/

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Gallery updated and random stuff

“Humanified” Ginko and Yoshi ^o^/

Managed to get husband to help me look into updating the gallery plug in a while back, but only remember to update the gallery now ^^;/

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Art post

Finally another art related post ^^; Husband was remarking that my “puppy52art” blog is becoming miscellaneous stuff blog :P but I told him photos are art too rite? ^^; Anyhows, I had been am very busy, June = crazy busy, and there are some things which I need but yet to finish! T_T;

Below is a photo a friend took of me at the Artist Alley in Anime Expo 2001 ^^; It was dated July 5 2001, how nostalgic!  I was still young and tender then ^^; lol!

Nao… on with the art stuff ^^;/

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