Chinatown in Vancouver

It was one of those weekends with weather which beckoned us out to take photos, despite being a bit chilly at the start.

We decided to go to Chinatown in Vancouver to take some photos :) Be warned there’s food pix ahead! :P

There’s one place downtown Vancouver which we don’t go very often, that is Chinatown ^^; Lanterns being sold/displayed at some shops due to it being Mid-Autumn festival last Saturday. They say the moon is usually the fullest/brightest on that night ^^

View from Parking spot, we see some green stuff on many of the roofs ^^;

Going there feels like quite a step back in time, kinda nostalgic in a way :)

Bursts of colours greet our eyes as we walk around.

Feather dusters, looking kinda dusty in the sun ^^; I remember my mom used to chase us around with a cane or feather duster (caning?) when we misbehaved as kids ^^;


Chinese dress (Cheong sam) for a human dollfie anyone?

Strange sightings of a couple mini pinschers outside a shop ^^;

Spotted a few shops selling some anime related goods ^^;

Spotted this really cute lantern outside a shop ^o^

blue skies and buildings

The Boss bakery and restaurant :P

A little sad to see some of the buildings not very well maintained ^^; I think they will have a lot of potential if they were to be spruced up a bit ^^;

After walking around in the cold, I started to feel hungry (LOL) so we checked out this Bakery and Restaurant which offers a great variety of steamed buns, pastries and Hong Kong style food.

After we were seated in this very busy place, we see non stop huge steamers being wheeled back and forth to replenish the ones being sold in boxes ^^;

They also sell glutinous rice dumplings, they looked huge!

At the time I felt like I could eat a horse :P but we start with some Siu Mai, and a BBQ pork bun…

The BBQ pork is not red in colour as we would normally expect, not a bad thing since the red is actually some kind of colouring which is supposedly bad for heart if taken in large amount ^^; The bun part tasted slightly sweet, it’s probably best eaten when hot ^^; I waited a bit too long to eat it (oops)

Ah here’s my pork and century egg congee ^^ the meat serving was very generous ^^;

Chinese Gyoza (Guo tie) very meaty, comes with red vinegar to mask the pork meat taste :P It was delicious! The skin was very thin and meat was juicy ^^

By the time this order arrived, I couldn’t eat anymore ^^; All the food above is shared between 3 people okay :P

Pardon the poor quality of this image :P My hands were wobbly from hunger LOL

As we paid and headed out, husband took a few photos of what they have on display at the doorway ^^ Their best sellers is still the freshly steamed buns tho! They even have flavors which I never seen before ^^; Example custard ^^; Was too full to try it so we didn’t get any ^^;

We also went to the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden after lunch, it was my first time there. I heard about it from a friend :)

Who is Sun Yat Sen?

The Garden was quite crowded on such a nice day, so after taking a bunch of doll pix, I decided to take some non doll photos too ^^

The lanterns say: 天涯若比邻‎ (tian ya ruo bi lin) meaning – to feel a closeness to a friend or loved one despite being separated by a great distance.

It was the Mid autumn festival on Saturday, so there’s some related activities going on, I spotted these 2 cool lanterns being displayed and had to take a quick snapshot :P

I brought Taiga Mini Dollfie Dream with me, but I’ll save it for another time on the doll blog ^^; I had been taking her out more than others as the others are packed for a pending move ^^;

Husband also updated his brog with a buncha photowalks shooting, so if you like you can check em out too ;D!

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  1. radiant
    radiant says:

    Woah… I haven’t been in China Town for quite a few months, and even then, it wasn’t really to look around or anything. I need to get outta the house more. :P

  2. Edward
    Edward says:

    Darn, the food looks so good!!! ^o^ It would be nice to have have more asian influence in this area. I guess my wife and I need to visit Toronto a little more often. Right now 天涯若比邻‎ (tian ya ruo bi lin) applies to us. Anyhow… Looks like you and your husband had a wonderful day and enjoyed some great food! WIN! ^o^

  3. chun
    chun says:

    I wonder if it tasted better since I was famished ^^; I think I got some quite okay shots too which is moar WIN as well :3XD

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