Hello ^^;

As mentioned at my doll blog, the old theme of this site was no longer supported and was not working properly, so I ended up making a quick update ^^;

The previous site looked like below:

Some things may look odd here while I get things sorted out, I don’t want to repeat myself so here is a link to the post at the doll blog! Hope all are well with you! Sorry, I turned off comments because there is a bit too much spam here and it is a lot more difficult to update. Thank you everyone who supported me on my patreon at puppy52.com during a difficult time.


About the artist

Why puppy52?

I was told many years ago by a girlfriend that 52 looks like a heart shape on the pager. When it was time to decide on a homepage, since domains like puppylove, puppyluv, etc were already long taken up, I decided to use puppy52.

Name: Chun
Pen name: Puppy52
Country: Singapore/Canada
Enjoys: Drawing, making doll clothing,
digital photography, handicrafts, cooking.
For full resume please e-mail me at  .
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Thursday’s Doodles

It was a long day at the shop :P near the end of the day couldn’t wait to close shop lol! The good thing is I guess I am quite happy to have sketched a few sketches which I kinda like ^^

Should I make some bookmarks or postcards of school girl art?

Here, FatB :P