Fujiwara Yukino standie

Click picture below for a larger view ^o^/

My mascot puppy jumped into the standie for some reason ^^;

My friend’s dollfie dream Yu chann, with my artwork of her is made into a standie… She looks like she’s interviewing the SAO standies here~ ^^; my puppy mascot jumped in like a photo bomber ^^;

Photo by Alvin (thank you~!)

If you had a photo taken with Yu chann, please show me! I wish I was able to attend AFA, have to save money  to go sometime ^^;

Fujiwara Yukino

Another illustration documentation ^^/ Some of you may have already seen Yu chann at AFA Singapore~! Here is Yu chann in an Autumn setting in Vancouver lol

Click image below for a larger picture ^^/

Hope everyone is having a blast at AFA Singapore! ^o^/

Mirai Curry version 2

Ah!!! Mirai Curry has a version 2 already! I had the pleasure to draw version 1 lol

Someday I’ll go to Japan and eat it!!! :P

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Tentacle Grape

Had the pleasure to work with J-List earlier this year and came up with these art work ^o^/

Which is your favorite? I particularly liked the Mio one after I was done lol!

Danny and Jlist are currently running a contest where you can design an image and win some Tentacle grape juice! XD And I included a few random doodles under cut :)

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Commission work – Yu chan

I was commissioned by Alvin to draw his Dollfie dream Yukino chan into a 2D mascot. This post is to document some of the progress :) Thanks Alvin and Yu chan!

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Recent art

Documenting some illustration which I recently done :) Below is a piece for Otacool4 x pixiv submission.


My pixiv account is here ^^/ Still trying to figure it out so only 2 artwork there so far ^^;

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Mirai curry

One other thing I really enjoy drawing/painting a lot is food, so when I got a shout from Danny to paint the curry (and Mirai’s arm into place) for Mirai-chan’s curry I of course jumped at the chance to do so!

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Maid Mirai Wallpaper!

With great pleasure we bring you moar Maid Mirai Wallpaper! :3 She’s been working on dannychoo.com since yesterday afternoon ^o^;

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Art post

Finally another art related post ^^; Husband was remarking that my “puppy52art” blog is becoming miscellaneous stuff blog :P but I told him photos are art too rite? ^^; Anyhows, I had been am very busy, June = crazy busy, and there are some things which I need but yet to finish! T_T;

Below is a photo a friend took of me at the Artist Alley in Anime Expo 2001 ^^; It was dated July 5 2001, how nostalgic!  I was still young and tender then ^^; lol!

Nao… on with the art stuff ^^;/

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