Cabbage and Pork gyoza

My husband and I love gyozas, and sometimes have cravings to eat it, the ones we purchased often taste like they have a lot of MSG in it, so after I learnt how to make it, I decided to make my own version of the fillings :)

I made gyoza skin/wrappers from this youtube tutorial by ochikeron.

The fillings for the gyoza I made this time are cabbage, carrot, minced garlic, shallot, salt (to draw out the moisture) and pepper. I will be readjusting the amount to see if more vegetables would work out.

I used the food processor we got last year to grind the pork, I used 2 pieces of pork chop loin (I think?) I may reduce the amount of meat and see if it works, as husband remarked that more vegetable will be better. Read more

Perfect Pan fried scallops

I got a simple but awesome tip from my mom about pan frying defrosted frozen scallops. I thought I will blog about it and share it with all of you out there who are looking for the perfect way to prepare yummy scallops :D Photos kindly taken by my husband.

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Takoyaki Maker

I had been itching to get a Takoyaki maker for a while, and the funny thing was, I placed an order for one online, only to find that it’s a “mini takoyaki” maker when it arrived!


What is Takoyaki? Ask Wikipedia XD Before I moved to Canada, Singapore sells Takoyaki at some of the Malls too. So yummy ^^;

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Grilled bacon at home on a lazy Sunday morning ^^;

We went to Granville island the day before on a spur of the moment, checked out a new broom shop which caught my husband’s eye ^^ After that we bought some groceries home, one of the items being some slices of bacon to try ^o^

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How to make Chinese soup – 青红萝汤

When I moved to Canada, I was lucky that my mom in law taught me to cook some dishes. One of them being a soup – Pork shank with carrot and green radish soup, I know it as 青红萝汤 in Cantonese.

I find this particular soup quite easy to make, just need some time to prepare, and a “space pot” – 太空锅 , I mean a “Thermal Magic Cooker”. XD

I documented most of what I did when I prepared the soup this afternoon, must mention tsunamidelta for poking me for it in the first place — I hope this will help you out if/when you do try to make the soup! ^^

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Food ahead…

Documenting some food from eating in and out :P I’ll start off with this delicious green tea frappe bliss dessert… omg perfect for summer afternoon :3

The green tea frappe (shaved ice) is yummy and fragrant, red bean is not too sweet, and mochi chewy everything goes well with the scoop of green tea ice cream will definitely have it again if we go :P

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Random post + food photos

Gosh, it’s been more than a week since I last posted! Sorry about that ^^;

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Moar random goodness :3

Hung out with a friend today after getting a much overdue hair cut :) Tanoshii desu! (It was fun!)

Insert some non related kitty post because they’re funny :P

Warning, this blog post also contains food images which may make your stomach rumble ^^; you has been warned :P

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Random stuff

Ah hisashiburi ^^; (?) I try to blog once or twice a week, but last week I had no chance to ^^; By the time I realise, it’s friday already ^^;

Husband decided to pick up Gunpla (Gundam model) building, which is great :D

What is Gunpla?

ETA: omg I found out that I won first place in the mascot contest! O_O; Am very pleased and thank you punynari san!

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Cats and cooking

Nono not cooking our cats :P Just some recent photos of Ginko (grey girl) and Yoshi (tabby boy)

I was inspired to try to prepare home made version of Soto Ayam at home thanks to Moonberry :3 Will put the food shots after the cat photos :P

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