Happy Year of the Snake!

Wishing all of you a Happy, prosperous new year!

I was intending to draw a sexy babe and some snakes… but then it felt a bit wrong LOL *scratch head*, so here’s a snake, puppy and mouse, Ginko and Yoshi ^o^/!

Paw art

Had an image of Paw which I had to draw out :D It’s not 100% like what I envisioned byt I am quite happy with it :)

It’s fun to draw clouds too :P

Also posted the larger version on pixiv for prosperity (LOL) Initial sketches/cleaned up outline under cut :D

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Happy puppy teeshirt brief comparison

Remember this post? My Happy Puppy teeshirt arrived this week, and just last week I washed another one of the same type of tee shirt I ordered… so gonna document it here.

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Happy 2011!

Drew and coloured Bunny Blue and Paw in Sai on Livestream, here’s my channel if you’re interested :D usually I will tweet about it when I get on to draw ^^/ I have already uploaded the artwork into the gallery, but if you want to see a larger version, click on the image below :3

Paw and Blue wish you a Very Merry Christmasu~!

Nuuu time pass too quickly ^^; no time to colour lol ^^; Hope everyone have a nice holiday :3 and a fabulous 2011!

Some art

Haven’t been drawing much these days ^^; do you peeps even remember I draw? lol

In this post are mainly some doodles to pack with the sewing I had been working on. I try to take quick photos of the sketches before I pack them in…

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Happy Easter :D

Danny indirectly reminded me that I have been neglecting my mascots lol so brought them out to wish everyone a quick easter holiday ;)

The puppy52dolls blog has been a bit more active ^^; Gotta prep lunch, so bbl~!

Got Moo and some news!

Happy 2009! :D I think in some countries it’s already 2009 so I’ll post this Moo year image a little bit earlier ;)!

Click on image below to get the full view!

Thank you everyone for coming back and supporting this simple little site! I am very glad that puppy52.com is still around after so many years and I hope for many more years to come!

I also finally updated the previous 2 images into Gallery page plus an Ahmin Happy 2009 artwork!
Who is Ahmin? A little more information can be found on a past entry of mine here.

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May and Bblue sketch

Am heading out soon, but while away from the computer yesterday I managed to draw 2 characters ;P May and Bblue. Scanned it in with slight editing (for now), and woo looks like Blue is catching up with Red LOL (Thank you all for voting! ^^)

Hope you like the new line art :)!