George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary

On a cold winter afternoon after our Japanese class, my husband decided to take us to George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, see his take on the trip here. Jade came along with us as well and exercised her extraordinary animal photography skills :3

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Holiday food abuse

Yup food abuse ^^; sorry this post is not vegetarian friendly ^^;

Holiday season means lots of cooking, eating and cleaning, as I was in front of the stove most of the time, these photos are taken by my husband on his NEX 5N with a macro lens ^^/

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Japan 2011 – Tokyo

Long story shot, the trip which was pushed back to now happened!


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Evil food documentation

Oops realise I haven’t blogged here for a bit ^^; Time flies!

Have a bunch of food pix to document :3 along with some miscellaneous pix :)

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My husband share the same birthday as Singapore (but since Singapore is kinda a day a head of us we’re still in my husband’s birthday haha!)

“3D card” with secret msg… if you stare hard enough maybe you’ll see the message LOL

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Evil food post 2

Inspired by Danny’s drool inducing Japanese food post, I dug up some food pictures which hasn’t been posted :P

“Fight poison with poison?” (以毒攻毒!)

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Hanami 2011

The tree near our place finally fully bloomed last week :D Today when I went to take some more photos of Aki I noticed some petals were already starting to fall ^^; Husband took some photos of blossoms at night at Burrard Station ^^

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Lunar New Year and BBT cafe

Happy Lunar New Year to all those who celebrate it!

Over the weekend, me and husband to check out this place called BBT cafe, above is their festive display to welcome the Lunar New Year :)

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Grilled bacon at home on a lazy Sunday morning ^^;

We went to Granville island the day before on a spur of the moment, checked out a new broom shop which caught my husband’s eye ^^ After that we bought some groceries home, one of the items being some slices of bacon to try ^o^

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Anime Evolution 2010

Attended one day of Anime Evolution this year, main reason is to check out UBC as the venue, and hang out with my doll friends :DI would say the Artist Alley is totally at a prime location!  Loads of traffic going in and out and the artists look busy taking commissions etc.

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