Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!

It’s already 2014 in some countries by the time this blog post is live ^^; In the Lunar new year, it would be the year of the Horse ^o^/ Horses are one of my favorite animals, other than cats, puppies and hamsters LOL! I used to own a bunch of “My little ponies” when I was a kid. ^^

Under cut is a joke which people who know Chinese/mandarin might get LOL, we saw it on a whassap message from my husband’s friends in Hong Kong and LOLed XD

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Strolling Mouse

Messing with flash lol! Had a bit too much fun ^^;;;;

Strida Mini through rainclouds!

Went out to meet a friend, but managed to experience riding through rain o_o, good thing is managed to take some lovely photos :3

So glad the rain stopped when I had to go home :P

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Back in time…

Was digging for some old comic strips and found a few which made me feel nostalgic :P

I used to work with FSC – at a multimedia company :3

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2012 office

Used a iphone app called photo synth to make the main image, and used photoshop to edit it a bit — mainly to remove some jagged looking edges around.

Ginko and Yoshi look so deformed here XD

Brief update!

Picture above taken by husband at Steveston’s Farmers Artisan’s Market, which we decided to check out at last minute… The skies were threatening to rain but we left soon after buying some plants ^^;

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Activities and food :P

I dug out the clover seeds given to me years back (the seeds supposedly expired but they still work ^^; ) I have a black thumb… so I hope these guys make it :P

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Evil food post 2

Inspired by Danny’s drool inducing Japanese food post, I dug up some food pictures which hasn’t been posted :P

“Fight poison with poison?” (以毒攻毒!)

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Pedobear vs Taiga…

Who will win?

Please note image is drawn then edited very quickly in good fun ^^;

P-bear image found via google at here. Tiger roar image from google search. Bear roar image from google search, fire as well ^^;

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Fall finds

Photos taken at Granville Island when we went to collect a broom for Mokotan and run some errands ^^;

When I pull out my camera to take a photo of these neat looking chocolate, a passing old guy said loudly “HANDS OFF THOSE CHOCOLATES!” I loled :P

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