Strida Mini tire puncture fixed!

The weather forecast decided to play an April fool’s prank on us by telling us it’s going to rain today and giving us a beautiful sunny afternoon instead! Awesome! ;)

This is the first time I ever have to fix a bicycle tire puncture and I am happy to say that I was able to do it! :)

I couldn’t find any tutorial on specifically how to install the Strida Mini tires, but luckily I managed to figure it out with some advice from my husband ^^;

I’m glad that locating the puncture was quite straight forward as well.

I had to deflate the tire, remove the tire and tube with a kit we bought along with Strida mini last year, and immerse just the tube slightly pumped up into a basin of water to find the leak.

Luckily there was only one tiny puncture, not more than that — which I needed to fix. It was just not visible to the naked eye. ^^;

I hope whatever which caused the puncture is not still hiding in the tire — husband did not find anything while feeling around the tire ^^; Apparently a dangerous thing to do with bare hands since the culprit could poke at and injure the fingers. ^^;

After fixing the puncture in the inner tube of the tire, installing the tire back on the bike and then pumping the tire back up, I had to make a short ride around my complex to test it out, it feels great riding a bike with the tires with the correct PSI XD

Looking forward to ride out to take some photos if the weather the coming week cooperates ^^;

This little episode made me realise I really missed my little Strida Mini!

I slowly figure out how to ride it a little better over time, and like how it can get me further and faster than just walking ^^;

I must remember to check it every week to make sure the pressure on the tire is correct :P And also many thanks to my friend Ruthie who advised me that usually after winter storage, the tire may have leaked air XD

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