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Hello ^^;

As mentioned at my doll blog, the old theme of this site was no longer supported and was not working properly, so I ended up making a quick update ^^; The previous site looked like below: Some things may look odd here while I get things sorted out, I don’t want to repeat myself so […]

Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas! ^^; Click image below for a larger version :3 Aaaah…. I don’t update art posts often enough ^o^; Hope you like this quick art! My doll blog, and Ginko and Yoshi’s page has finally been updated as well ^o^/

Rabbit Festival Vancouver 2015

Wow has it been a year already?! It felt longer for some reason! As it turns out I was able to bug my husband to drive me to check out this year’s Rabbit Festival again ^o^! 

Anime Revolution – Thank you!

Thank you for visiting our little booth at Anime Revolution 2015! Myself and Becky of ScrumptiousDelight shared a small table at the artist alley. It was my first time selling slightly larger prints of Fan Art, and first time Becky vended at the AR (on very short notice >_<;) I feel like I have a lot […]

Anime Revolution 2015!

BlytheCon Vancouver (9th August) have came and went, thank you everyone who came and supported us! And this weekend from 14 to 16 August, I will be vending at Anime Revolution 2015! Please come say hello! And buy stuff lol! This year, I have the great pleasure to be vending next to the super talented ScrumptiousDelight!  Thank you for agreeing […]

Erina Nakiri fan art WIP

I have been busy ^o^; I intend to document work in progress of some of my CG artworks and upload them on youtube! www.youtube.com/puppy52 Please Subscribe if you like what you see! ^o^/ Click image below to view video, Drawing the outline in Studio Paint ^o^/ Click image below to view video, Colour start! Part […]

Senmei Fanart Contest 2015

Please vote for my Senmei fan art! :P   This year I will be bringing more fan art for my booth at the artist alley at Anime Revolution, I hope you like them ^^;> I have also submitted this image to my deviant art ^^/ View past year’s Senmei fan art :D

Rin Tohsaka

Slowly accumulating ^^; I wonder if I will draw any male character fan art come to think of it haha! Posted on pixiv and deviant art too  

Sailor Moon Usagi chan!

Another fan art! :P I finally started watching ^^; I hope to try to pick the characters to draw in time for Anime Revolution :3 I was super amused about Usagi’s voice actress… I can only picture Usagi as Ebichu when I don’t look at the screen ^o^; Initially her mouth was different, I changed […]