Feral bunny stalking

At the Richmond Auto Mall, during certain seasons, feral bunnies can be sighted, and while they are cute, it is rather sad to know that they probably had been bunnies who were let loose into the wild to fend for themselves, or offsprings of “unwanted” bunnies :/

People should really be aware that owning a bunny, or any pets is a big responsibility, before buying one without thinking.  Do your home work, adopt from a shelter if you can. http://rabbit.org/ has some bunny related information. (Link found from http://www.facebook.com/EddyRamboBunny)

Bunny above’s left ear got a large piece missing ^^; not sure what happened :/

The bunnies graze on the grass around the  Auto Mall, sometimes I see people trying to feed them ^^;

This really cute young bunny with beautiful large eyes came up to me thinking I had food ^^; but hopped away quickly when it realise I didn’t have food for him ^^;

I was quite amused to see that I caught a moment where his face looked like the above lol!

After a while it got a little startled by something and hopped further away ^^;

The young bunnies are generally very wary of humans going too close to them, although occasionally they stay still enough for a picture or two then bounce away…

Often they hide under bushes and cars ^^;

This little one was so painfully cute with fuzzy ears!

Seems that it has a sibling ^^

A slightly more mature bunny…

Another youngling…

This little guy was super shy~

I was really concerned at first as I thought it had no ears ^^;

It seems that it’s ears are somewhat heavy — could barely raise them for a moment, I’m guessing it must be hard for it to listen to surroundings for potential dangers ^^;

Feel kinda sad to see those large melancholic eyes >_<;

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  1. Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo says:

    OMG OMG OMG so cuteeeeeeeeeeee *die because of cuteness* :XXXXXXxx

    If i were you, i would kidnap one home XDDDDD

  2. chun
    chun says:

    LOL Well the thing is they may have rabies etc O_o; since we don’t know how long they have been living out in the wild for >_<; and We already have Ginko and Yoshi who won't take kindly to foreign animals coming to live with us ^^; so just photos it is lol!

  3. Richmond Auto Mall
    Richmond Auto Mall says:

    Thank you for this beautiful blog about our feral rabbits at the Richmond Auto Mall. We are currently working to establish a safe sanctuary to house these rabbits. We appreciate your understanding of the cruelty of abandoning domestic rabbits in this environment. Rabbits are territorial and do not welcome the arrival of someone’s pet rabbit.

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