Recommended Summer Oyatsu

We had a long day out at Showa Kinen Koen, and on our way back to our lodgings, we came across a shop selling a summer Oyatsu (Oyatsu means a snack) – Hon Warabi Mochi, they were handing out little pieces for free test tasting, and we got curious despite being super tired, and didn’t regret trying it out!

The packaging has this URL:

It was so delicious we went back for more on a different day, the 2nd time we went, the person who served us know that we’re foreigners (LOL) and after we paid, he said “4 days” to us (if I didn’t recall wrongly) he meant this can keep for up to 4 days in the fridge :)

The brown powder is finely ground soy beans – kinako. The mochi is soft but bouncy, and when chilled it is really refreshing :) I’m drooling as I type this! XP~~~

Highly recommended if you’re in Japan in the summer and come across their little shop inside the Ikebukuro station :)

Cabbage and Pork gyoza

My husband and I love gyozas, and sometimes have cravings to eat it, the ones we purchased often taste like they have a lot of MSG in it, so after I learnt how to make it, I decided to make my own version of the fillings :)

I made gyoza skin/wrappers from this youtube tutorial by ochikeron.

The fillings for the gyoza I made this time are cabbage, carrot, minced garlic, shallot, salt (to draw out the moisture) and pepper. I will be readjusting the amount to see if more vegetables would work out.

I used the food processor we got last year to grind the pork, I used 2 pieces of pork chop loin (I think?) I may reduce the amount of meat and see if it works, as husband remarked that more vegetable will be better. Read more

Happy 2013!

Wine and cheese party to send off 2013!! Happy new year everyone!


Usually year end is a busy busy time with family and friends, lots of cooking and cleaning lol!


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Clear Winter day

I biked out for an errand last Wednesday, it turned out lovely after the grey looming clouds in the morning was blown away.  It was still really cold out, I had to wear two hats under my helmet, gloves and wind breaker under two layers of clothing to bike out on my Strida Mini, but you know looking at the beautiful blue sky, it was worth it lol!

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Mini cupcakes delivery

I invited a few friends over last week for a small doll meet and decided to order some mini cupcakes from the Spiritual Ingredients Bakery Ltd.

My husband and I had their lovely mini cupcakes before from the Steveston Farmer’s Market and were hooked :P

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Late summer already?

In serious denial that Autumn is creeping in >_< here are a bunch of photos taken on some of the mild weather days we have had :)

This picture taken on iphone on an evening walk :) It was one of those super mild evenings which we enjoy! This blog post is full of random stuff, kitties, food, etc :P you have been warned lol!

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Canada day activities

I had been meaning to update sooner but got busy, really busy ^^; I am back dating this entry to document it :3

So first of July is Canada day… today is about 2 weeks later already ^^; the past 2 month or so feels like a blur, before that, we had some relatives visiting from Hong Kong, went to attend a graduation ceremony in Victoria Island o_o; in between that I was also spending a good amount of time in the sewing dungeon, prepared an update for the doll shop, among a few other things… Schedule was packed max ^o^;

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Richmond Night Market

Went to the Richmond Night Market at Bridgeport station near the River Rock Casino last Friday.

We almost didn’t go due to the weather forecast saying it would rain, it didn’t rain but man, it was cold >_<;

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Cheesecake etc – the cake is not a lie!

It’s been a long time (years!) since we went to Cheesecake etc, I must say it is still one of my favourite cheese cake place in Vancouver!

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