Happy Halloween 2014!

I had been drawing witches almost every halloween so this year decided to change it up a bit, draw something else lol

I have also created a Halloween Greeting for BlytheCon Vancouver website ^^/

moar stuffs…

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Anime Revolution Artist Alley

Hope to see you there! :D We’re at booth no. 21 ^o^/ Look out for Puppy52dolls :)

Strida Mini through rainclouds!

Went out to meet a friend, but managed to experience riding through rain o_o, good thing is managed to take some lovely photos :3

So glad the rain stopped when I had to go home :P

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Mirai Suenaga Cheerleader

Haven’t drawn Mirai chan for a while ^^;

You can find the massive size image at

Deviant art: http://chun52.deviantart.com/art/Cheering-Mirai-322786903
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=29584183

I have made the dollfie dream size outfit which is currently on way to Danny at the moment, you can see some photos at this link  or click on image below :3

Anime Revolution 2012

This year, I managed to go for one day of “Anime Revolution” held at Vancouver Convention Centre.

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Urban Tea Merchant

Attended a doll meet at Urban Tea Merchant in downtown, organised to meet with the lovely Archangeli who’s in town for work :D

It was my first time there and I was rather excited! XD Evil food pix ahead!  You have been warned!

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Day trip to Victoria

Went to Victoria for a day trip, carpooled with friends early in the morning, took a 2 hour ferry, then another hour ish in a car…

Had a blast XD Luckily the weather was awesome despite a bit cold :)

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Steveston Firehall

Thanks bluestarbaby for informing us about an open house at the newly rebuilt/updated Steveston Firehall :3

We went to check it out and took some photos ^^/

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Strida Mini adventures 4 — Doll meets

Took Strida Mini to a couple doll meets over the weekend!

It was quite a work out rolling Strida Mini around as we move from spot to spot LOL esp in the warm weather! :P I took Strida Mini out cos I want to see how both me and the bike flare in warm and crowded conditions :3

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Evil food post 2

Inspired by Danny’s drool inducing Japanese food post, I dug up some food pictures which hasn’t been posted :P

“Fight poison with poison?” (以毒攻毒!)

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