Wow, I just realised I haven’t posted here for a while! O_O Even my husband was posting a lot more than I am these days ^^; And also looks like the Tokyo loot pix have to wait a bit ^^; I already have a backlog of photos of random stuff which I will post now ^^;

I’ll start this post with some photo dump of our furkids on a warm afternoon in our living room. The heat reminds me of Asia, only slightly dryer — not as muggy?

If chatty Ginko knows human language she’s probably asking what am I doing?

Ginko has the funniest expressions sometimes XD

Close up

Think this was the result of half meowing/head rubbing on couch XD


Where’s Yoshi?

Ah he’s close by XD

I do not envy them having so much fur on a hot afternoon ^^;

Feel hot looking at their fur ^^;

We try to brush them with the furminator brush, which results in lots of fur tumble weeds after ^^; hopefully helps them feel cooler?

Last nite we gave them a bath ^^;

Yoshi did not like it at all…. Not one bit :P

They run away from us for a bit after ^^;

I went to a ball jointed doll meet at Granville island on Saturday.

Snapped some non doll related shots XD
It was a goregous day!

At some point in time I had a cup of maple nut flavoured ice cream :9 since it got warmer as the day wore on ^^; thankfully there was an occassional breeze…

Went to the No kill shelter where we adopted Ginko and Yoshi from, to get some kitty litter :) Took the chance to check out the kitties there XD
Very cute and active boy <3

Very bright lol seems like this kitty had an operation or a scan?

Lazy afternoon XD This kitty is HUGE ^^; I suspect he is probably bigger than our late Meow ^^; Very sweet and tame and very sleepy :P

lol they were interested in a toy which my husband was kinda flinging about :P even the half asleep ones started stirring to get some action…

The younger kitties are more active for sure XD Even the poor kitty in cage wants in ^^;



So sweet!

After that quick errands ^^; our kitchen ventilation broke so I can’t really do much cooking/baking at the moment ^^; This week will be sandwich week I think?

Saw vitamin water LOL the set up wasn’t as impressive obviously ^^;

And if in case you’re interested in pix of dollfies and Gordenette patches, check it out here :D

Thanks for staying with us :3

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22 Responses to A few days in – random stuff

  1. FatB says:

    Haha. That Ginko does make weird faces. Looks like “Eww, did you fart?” face on rubbing pic.
    I should try Vitamin Water sometime. I see it all around.

  2. Pyoro says:

    ahem, what does kitty litter even mean?
    one of them looks like the fortune cat cum yoda (

  3. garturo62 says:

    cute cats and ol at the vitamin water

  4. Panther says:

    Too cute for me. So many cats, HNGH

  5. chun says:

    LOL!!! Ginko likes to talk a lot :P and it was hard not to LOL when I took those pix of her (in case she switch faces) Tell us verdict of the vitamin water? lol

  6. chun says:

    So, what type of litter does kitty make? :P
    LOL teasing aside, it’s some kinda sand like material which cats deposit their poo/pee in? The shelter happens to sell a type of litter which is made with by product of corn :) Usually the litter is placed in a plastic pan (bigger than the kitty) so the kitty will go there to do their business and usually cover the business with litter when they’re done ^^
    I think that cat is more handsome than yoda tho LOL

  7. chun says:

    well in Japan it’s always about packaging no? XD

  8. chun says:

    cat overroad? ^^;

  9. Gunstray says:

    Hahah the weathers been pretty hot today, can barely do a weekly run^^

    AWW your furry kids are <3 especially Ginko

  10. chun says:

    I feel like I’m getting a tan even when I’m at home O_o our furkids are so sluggish now probably due to their fur ^^;;; Ginko’s lounging on the chair in front of mine at the moment XD

  11. Michael Flux says:

    Chun, seriously, wow, a few of those photos at the beginning of the post are seriously magazine material! :D

  12. chun says:

    Thanks! it means much coming from ya :) Ginko’s a great model tho LOL

  13. Pyoro says:

    ahhh americans and their tendency for euphemism…

  14. RyoBase says:

    You could make a magazine cover out of those cats and name it like “Longcat magazine” or “Meow, meow, gao magazine”

    But seriously, no longcat?

  15. chun says:

    LOL! nice suggestions XD Yoshi’s pretty long ^^;

  16. radiant says:

    LOL! I know where all these places are! (except your house of course). I love your couch. It looks almost exactly like mine!

  17. k says:

    i drank lots of vitamin water today…. i wonder why… tfs

  18. chun says:

    I hope the colouring of the drink won’t have too much effect on your by-products lol

  19. chun says:

    U know where the shelter is? lol our couch is from Ikea ^^; maybe that’s why?

  20. Kaionlriu says:

    Hi I’m a new reader at puppy52
    came upon your site from danny’s and was pleasantly surprised to find a fellow Vancouver blogger XD (though my mine is in dire need of more updates)
    I just wanted to say:
    nice website, I enjoy reading your blog, and I want to go to Japan and meet Danny too > <

  21. chun says:

    Hi! And thank you for dropping by :) keep blogging and save up for Japan! XD

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