Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant

Had some friends from the states visiting ^o^ and we went to eat out XD nomnomnom ^^; One of the evenings we went to eat at Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant… so good! XP

Food arrived rather quickly :3 the seaweed pieces are to wrap the chopped scallops with fish roe (bowl in the middle)

Beef sashimi

Marinated tuna

Soft shell crab maki

Deep fried baby shrimps and vegetables with a dipping sauce.

Tuna sashimi, melt in mouth :3

Crab meat salad

Maki sushi

omake: It was a very cold but very beautiful weekend! :D The blue skies looks unreal!

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  1. Ghostly_Substance
    Ghostly_Substance says:

    Looks different from what you’d expect, but still as effective in getting a reaction from my stomach. *stomach rumbles and growls*

    Yummey! You’re as evil as Danny Choo with food pics :P.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    I like good sashimi! But sometimes my stomach disagrees with sashimi ;_; … In Vancouver I can eat the Sashimi/sushi at some restaurants no problem! ^o^ In Asia (Singapore, Japan) My stomach does not like Sashimi or raw fish ;_;

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