A day in – random photo dump

I must apologize for the lack of art related entries these days, caring for an old sick cat is a lot of work and it did take it’s toll on both me and husband. ^^; Everyday revolves around checking Meow to make sure he’s eating, peeing + pooing and feeding him medication (am sure even you guys are sick of hearing me talk about this lol!) Good thoughts from everyone helps tho :) Thanks a bunch! He’s not 100% yet but we hope he’s slowly getting there!

Tonite I was playing with my dwarf hammy Ebichu, so I took a few quick pictures of her. I LOLed when I saw that I managed to catch a very rare picture of her tongue! How cute is that?!

Closer look


Gasping? Or yawning?

We have had her for about a year plus now and her colour seemed to have lightened a lot since then ^^; Not sure if it was due to weather or age, maybe both? I know a friend of mine’s hamster changes colour as well :3

Just for the record, earlier this week I updated a “Making of the Mirai Seifuku” at the dolly blog :) I definitely want to find more time to do more sewing this year! ^o^/

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  1. Blowfish
    Blowfish says:

    Im glad that meowmeow feels better.Hell be as good as new with your care.

    Your hamster reminds me of the one time i had a friends hamster on my hand and he pooped there ^^

  2. Coco the Bean
    Coco the Bean says:

    I hope Meow is feeling better. <3

    D’awww, Ebichu is so cute! Is she a Winter White hamster? I remember that those are suppose to change coats during the winter time.
    *sigh* I want hamster, but I’m most likely moving out later this year. I wouldn’t be able to take care if it. :(

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @gordon thank you! I hope he gets well soon too! He still puke sometimes (nothing comes out) and we feel very bad when he does =_=;

    @Blowfish I hope so! it’s still kinda roller coastery ^^;

    @Coco the Bean Thank you! And Ebichu is very cute indeed ^^ I’m not too sure what type she is tho, she came to us a very dark grey colour with the white patches :) You’re being responsible for not getting a pet before you move out!

  4. chun
    chun says:

    @Karasu-kun thank you! I have no idea what she is actually ^^; She was dark grey in colour but had been having more white flecks appearing on her back ^^;

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