Spice and wolf sketch

Recently finished watching Spice and Wolf, the background and ending illustrations and music are rather nice. I am not sure if I like the story telling, it really could had been better. They had focused a bit too much on Horo and Lawrence’s flirting I think :P Some critical scenes were unfortunately too lightly touched on, leaving me going ??? even now ^^; Maybe I should rewatch those episodes :P

If I get around to colouring her I’ll post the full body :P I think I drew her left ear a bit too long tho ^^;
This time I used ball point pen to “ink”. The problem with using pencils/ball point pen is that the lines tend to break when the image is scanned.

Almost forgot, tumblred some photos taken mostly over the weekend ^^

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  1. gordon
    gordon says:

    nice. it looks wonderful even without colours. ^^

    chun, u should do more anime fanarts. they are lovely. fanboys like us loves them. ^^;

  2. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    gordon, must be cos she’s naked? LOL Well there’s always the thing about drawing what we want and what others want :P
    I’m already actually drawing more fan art than before ^^;

  3. lsio
    lsio says:

    Horo is sexy. After saw this, I feel like to draw some fan art myself too; i’m not good tho ^^;

  4. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    Isio well just draw it for your own enjoyment ^^ I think that’s very important ^^

    Gordon, indeed LOL!

  5. Panther
    Panther says:

    Lovely art, liked Horo a lot. Also, the plot revolved a lot around how Lawrence dealt with the business and its accompanying pros and cons, so I liked it pretty much since it was intellectual in nature. Horo was just there for the fanservice.

    Yes, more fanart is good. Like one of Yoruichi with her actual hair color of dark blue instead of those animemongers who colored it purple.

    A simpler girl to draw would probably be Haruka from Minami-ke…which will bring half the world to your blog if you do that in her schoolgirl uniform.

  6. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    Panther, well I still feel that the story could had been told better, the last couple episodes some scenes were so rushed I felt a bit cheated LOL

    And all that nudity is definitely fan service overkill!

    I think I will try to draw a balance between fan art and my original arts ^^

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