Moar random goodness :3

Hung out with a friend today after getting a much overdue hair cut :) Tanoshii desu! (It was fun!)

Insert some non related kitty post because they’re funny :P

Warning, this blog post also contains food images which may make your stomach rumble ^^; you has been warned :P

Hmmm why does the angle of Yoshi’s head look somewhat odd?

Answer :P It’s like they’re challenging the what’s the next new sleeping pose each day ^^;

Princess Ginko :3

This is her favourite spot to watch me cook :3

Princess Ginko is tired….


Ginko earlier this evening :P they’re getting big XD

These were from another day XD The tongue was a lucky catch :3

Seriously, how can this be comfortable? ^^;

Some neat finds at Daiso a foam cutter! (Except for the coloured foam pieces and paper with the sketch there) want to test something out ^o^

Some evil food photos ahead… ready?



Tried Mazazu crepe for the first time, I find that like the sweet variety (because it’s not overly sweet) ^^; and yes that’s a small slice of cheese cake in there :P there’s strawberries and blue berries in this combination :3

Comparing it to my doll which my friend’s helping me hold :3 I’ll post some of the tiny doll meet pix photos on flickr later ^o^

This was a couple weekends ago at least? It turned out better than expected so I felt that it deserves a mention! :P I made ramen from the frozen variety at home, I reserved 2 pieces of porkchop and vegetables I made for dinner a night or 2 ago, added pan friend shallots, corn and hard boiled egg… omg *dead* :P

*Dives in*

I leave U with this gorgeous evening scene we saw on our way home :) Have a nice week/weekend!

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  1. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    chubby kitteh :3 love the “nani?” pic, Ginko’s expressions are so cute! want to try good crepes one day. Had some in england and took two bites before chucking it. weather is slowly getting nicer eh?

  2. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I had the crepes, nothing spectacular and it’s so expensive =___= I would like to try making my own ramen though, do you remember which brand that was from? was it awesome like in ramen places? XD

  3. chun
    chun says:

    hehehe Ginko is fluffy, Currently Yoshi’s a bit heavier than she is despite that she looks chubbier XD Hmmmm I want some crepes again… gotta hold off a bit tho lol!

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