Canon Lens EF 50mm 1:1.4

Some relatives from out of town came and went and Husband got a suddenly aquired lens, I tried it out (with husband’s T1i) quickly one evening and I love it! :)

As you know we have 2 active young furkids, Ginko and Yoshi, they become the instant subjects. (Above is Ginko)

The Canon Lens EF 50mm 1:1.4 lens is rather fast under low light, even faster than the Lumix LX3’s lens! ^o^

I took a bunch of photos, not all pictures are sharp since our hyper kitties move around a lot, but I must say I am pretty impressed!

The picture below totally brings out the essense of Ginko :P

The lens yields good “Bokeh” as well and is very light.

Yoshi had a long day as he had to visit the vet due to irregular (think wet) bowel movements ^^; He was a trooper :) He didn’t complain at all being handled and having his temperature taken… (poor guy)

He was more upset about being in the car (meowed like a girl almost all the way to and from vet’s). In picture below he has taken over my husband’s bag ^^;

You can see more photos taken by my husband with his new lens recently on his latest blog post :)
Chinese Temple by you.

Non related to the new lens, but more related to the furkids, some random shots for the past week, we got a 2nd crate finally when we saw one on sale :) The kids are curious and went in by themselves, which is hilarious :P  Photos below are taken with Lumix LX3 ^^/ They took turns checking out each crate :P

I decided to play a trick on them and close the doors… Yoshi played it cool and chilled out, Ginko wasn’t very impressed ^^;

So cute :P

Yoshi looked like he knows I gonna let him out later…

Ginko made me LOLed when she went in and join her brother, who could not be bothered to come out ^^;

Okay time for bed ^^; another long day ahead… =_=;/

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  1. dans
    dans says:

    nice shots ! n_n)b
    50mm f1.4 is my first lens. At first, I was having trouble using it due to the 50mm. Once you get used it, it is one awesome lens.

  2. Panther
    Panther says:


    Nice though, so far those pics look good to my amateurish eye. I know how hard it can be to get pictures of active kitties.

  3. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    hmm in terms of wide angle, the LX3’s 24mm still trumps over that lens, but that lens definitely has a zoom range. of course, this is just me being jealous.
    why does yoshi sound so much like garfield? ^^

  4. radiant
    radiant says:

    Wow, amazing photos. I’m in the process of acquiring a lens (IE, I want to buy one) but haven’t figured out what I want yet. I’ve got a Canon Rebel XSI (I guess that’s the EOS 450?) This lens looks very promising. What other lenses did you guys consider?

  5. Meimi132
    Meimi132 says:

    OMG those photos are gorgeous! Ginko and Yoshi are just too cute! Such fine looking animals. Regal. Like cats should look. Yoshi moreso lol. Ginko is like my little kitty, all wide eyed.

  6. marvinryan
    marvinryan says:

    congrats on the new lens, the 50mm 1.4f is definitely a great lens. but do take care on handling, I accidentally broke mine a few days ago. unfortunately since part of the lens stick out while focusing, that hitting that part hard enough would knock the USM focus ring out of place. :(

  7. marvinryan
    marvinryan says:

    wanted to take a photo of my daughter making a funny face, just when I grab the camera, the strap snagged on to a drawer handle and the camera fell and landed lens first on the table. ^^; hopefully the warranty is still good.

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