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Finally another art related post ^^; Husband was remarking that my “puppy52art” blog is becoming miscellaneous stuff blog :P but I told him photos are art too rite? ^^; Anyhows, I had been am very busy, June = crazy busy, and there are some things which I need but yet to finish! T_T;

Below is a photo a friend took of me at the Artist Alley in Anime Expo 2001 ^^; It was dated July 5 2001, how nostalgic!  I was still young and tender then ^^; lol!

Nao… on with the art stuff ^^;/

Below are cropped versions of 3 fan arts in progress ;) You can probably quite easily guess who they are!  Answers after the 3rd piece of art :P



Answers: Mio (K-ON!), Azusa (K-ON!), Taiga (Toradora!)

I need to finish up 3 pieces of art for printing for the Anime Evolution which is coming very soon (12-14 June 2009) ^^;;;; *stress* It’s been quite a while since I last went to an Anime related convention, I am rather excited ^o^ I hope to take some nice pictures of cosplayers there! I should be bringing my Dollfie Dream Mirai chan ^^/

Now for non-Anime Evolution related stuff/art:
I must thank Gordon for being extremely patient with waiting for me to finish up this 2nd commission! ^^; I took a really long time  until I lost track of how long it is… ^^;;;;; I am really truly sorry about that! I’ll let Gordon show the final item this image created is for eventually when it is ready :)


For this particular commission, it is required that I simplify and make changes to the original mascot Gordenette which can be viewed on the banner at :) Ironically probably because I had a bit more free time at the time I took up the first version (re-feature below), I finished it quite quickly compared to the simplified version above.


Was also commissioned by Otaku Dan to create his name card ^o^!

I mostly used the re-designed mascot image which I created for him (as seen above) to make his name card, so it took slightly less time to do since I did not really need to re-draw/r-create from scratch. But as I got a bit distracted with other happenings going on I had to be poked by Otaku Dan to finish up ^^;;;;  So so sorry!  Gya I need to clone myself =_=;; must find out from Danny how he does it :P

Okie hope everyone’s having a nice weekend! Moar next time! :3

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  1. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Hmm… funny, when I clicked on your link from puchi blurb, a trojan virus warning popped up :P Heheh, probably coincidence. And OMG! I can’t wait to see your Taiga fanart. Me love Taiga long time! And umm… where did you say you have your cosplay pics at? :P

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @lightningsabre eeehhh don’t scare me okay lol! U like taiga beating you up? ^^; and the last question… I think I told U rite? ^^;;

  3. maru
    maru says:

    Hehe chun clones needed! ^^;

    The drawings are very nice. Though I couldn’t recognise moe moe Azusa.. T.T Must refine my anime recognition engine! *lurks in danbooru*

    And btw, love your puppy face LOL. Good luck on the commisioned works!

  4. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Haha yeah, wasn’t your site. It just happened to pop up at the same time I clicked your site, heheh. Me can take beating from Taiga as long as I can see that cute munching face afterwards. I have a weakness for anime girls who’s got a piece of bread/toast/donut/etc. in their mouth… And umm… I couldn’t find them yet ^^;

  5. maru
    maru says:

    Didn’t think of any girls in particular.. Just that my brain couldn’t recall whos that moeness :3 After reading, I looked back and realised how silly I was. I even watched episode 8,9 and 10 yesterday. ~.~

  6. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    At a quick glance I recognised Taiga straight away :3 Had to look for Mio bangs to make sure it was her and then Azusa was a sem-lucky guess since you drew Mio already xD; They all look so cute~ I hope you’re not too busy to finish them sometime soon ^^;;

    Love the variations on the mascots. Is trooper Gordenette in vector format for patch purposes? Looks good~
    As for Otaku Dan’s bcard, the one in the bottom left corner is especially cute :3

    Hope you find some time to do everything that needs to be done, or perhaps learn to manage your time better, something I need too, lol~

  7. gordon TK8316
    gordon TK8316 says:

    Thanks chun, my garrison mates loves the patch design. ^o^

    @ Saku,
    oh yes i love a girl with strong mecha arms. hope to find one in real life soon. but for the trooper version, she will have normal arms. ^^;

  8. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    I like both the art posts and the random photo posts, they’re all interesting to see. I’m most excited to see your Taiga fan art, she looks really good so far.

  9. Lene
    Lene says:

    Have fun at Anime Evolution! :3

    And wow, Anime Expo 2001 *___* I was barely in high school then. To this day, I still haven’t made it out to Anime Expo, even though it’s right up north D: But I do make it out to Comic Con every year!

    Also, loving the art as always! :DDD

  10. chun
    chun says:

    @lightningsabre oooh ^^; phew! And maybe if U go to a cafe or coffee place the possiblity of sighting is bigger? ^^; (at least of people with something in their mouth :P)

    @maru awwww brain fart.. I get em a lot ^^;

    @YuKi-To thank you :D:D and I won’t be doodling it should be on display at the Art Gallery. We were not in time to get Artist Alley this year ^^;

    @Koshiko hehehe :) I HAVE to finish them =_= Or I’ll be in trouble :P
    You’re right about the patch ^^ and glad U like the variation ;) The thing with time management is sometimes I just keep getting stuff pilled on top of me (Not just work stuff, now that summer’s here, there’s more stuff to do outside =_=)

    @Saku thank you! :D

    @Coco the bean Thank you, glad you like! hahahaha neat!

    @Gordon Ah that is good to know! *phew!* I hope it turns out nicely :) LOL@ reply to Saku XD

    @garturo62 thank you :)

    @Aquilla thank you :) I love Taiga chan <3

    @Lene thank you! I hope so lol! I haven’t met that friend of mine for a while now, look forward to do some catch up with her ^o^ Nice that you get to go to a con every year ^o^

  11. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    nani? i thought the third picture was shana instead! i blame it on the melon pan ^^
    looking forward to ya photos!

  12. chun
    chun says:

    @Pyoro lol it’s actually a donut ^^;;;;;; well I guess the sketches are rather rough afterall ^^;

    @Alafista LOL it’s not Shana ^^;;;;/ The answer was up there :P

  13. Saku
    Saku says:

    @gordon TK8316: My best wishes go to you, buddy. Hopefully you find a RL one soon. With how fast our technology advances, your dream will certainly come true in the future ^^

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