Meat and Bread

Niko to pan o tabemashita! (Meat & Bread eaten!)

Had some visitors from Singapore was visiting Vancouver and I hung out with them a little :)

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Last year, we bought a sack of long grain rice as it was on sale, and it feels like it’s taking a long time for us to finish it ^^;

I missed Japanese (short grain) rice, so I got tonkatsu don from the food court just so I can eat some Japanese rice lol!

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Evil food post…

So I had some food photos which I almost forgotten about ^^;

So if you’re hungry and have nothing to nom on in your kitchen… you been warned!

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Steveston adventure with visitor

A friend from Singapore was visiting and stayed with us for a little bit :) Thankfully the weather was very cooperative, and we had a nice time hanging out :D

Her stay was rather short so I was also trying to spend time catching up with her since I have not seen her in years!

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Moar random goodness :3

Hung out with a friend today after getting a much overdue hair cut :) Tanoshii desu! (It was fun!)

Insert some non related kitty post because they’re funny :P

Warning, this blog post also contains food images which may make your stomach rumble ^^; you has been warned :P

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Cats and cooking

Nono not cooking our cats :P Just some recent photos of Ginko (grey girl) and Yoshi (tabby boy)

I was inspired to try to prepare home made version of Soto Ayam at home thanks to Moonberry :3 Will put the food shots after the cat photos :P

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A day out in 2010

Hung out with some friends yesterday, it was fun! Say Hai to the Olympic mascot (Quatchi) below :P

Official website:

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Taken with lumix LX3 sushi, and a rainbow sighting not long after ^^

For the sushi images, I did not do much, just crop and add the url, for rainbow, I couldn’t capture how bright it actually is in person unfortunately, I think my husband may have better luck, he’ll hopefully post some photos later :)

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