Late for work on a glorious day!

I did a couple sketches at slower hours in the shop, but I’m rather tired by now so I’ll blog the artwork another time, don’t mind… ^^;/ Today I managed to miss my bus, not 100% unintentionally but it was such a beautiful day that I have to share the pictures I took as I walked to work ^o^!

Look at the dramatic clouds and blue sky, we live near a piece of flat unused land, but I kinda like it like this, it looks amost out of this world in this picture doesn’t it?

Warning: one food picture at the end ^^;
Don’t look if you’re hungry and have no access to food! You been warned! :P

I believe this is a budding cherry blossom tree, when it blooms I promise I’ll take pictures again on a nice day!

I bought 10 more bottles of my most favouritest lemon tea in the world today! ^^; It was heavy but so worth it :P

Late night sushi, Oiishi so ^o^!

Bonus, I took a doll out today ;) so glad I did! :D Okay time for bed ^^; Oyasumi~

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