Legacy of a cat with many faces

Still trying to come to terms about the loss of our Meowmeow, he left too sudden and too unexpectedly. We gave the go ahead for the vet to do a surgery to remove threads from his bowels, his bloodwork was great, we both thought he would be fine. But he didn’t wake up this morning :( we got a call from the vet around 8am to tell us meow wasn’t responding =_= and was THEN told that the chances for the operation was 50/50.

Both husband and me feel like we betrayed Meowmeow *sigh* but at the same time we also know that what’s done cannot be undone. Meowmeow was a trooper tho, while he was sick he still tries to get into his regular schedule when he has the energy, he would join us when we eat, watch TV and sleep with us during the last 6 weeks he was with us.

I think it somehow makes it harder for us to believe that he’s gone just like that.

I never owned a cat before, as my parents do not allow pets in our little HDB flat back in Singapore, when I first met Meowmeow he was not a very friendly cat to me. I was attacked twice by the whole 15-18 pounds — drawing blood, but after that he seems to think I am not a threat to his place in the household. I was terrified of that cat initially tho, but who can resist those big anime-like green eyes?

Over time he started to be nicer/less hostile to me, even tho his favourite guy is still my husband. We often joked that Meowmeow is gay (he’s a boy by the way, nuetered :P)

I heard from my husband, (Me and hubs haven’t known each other then) Meowmeow was rescued from a dumpster when he was barely the size of a rat in 1996 — his eyes even wasn’t opened then. Meowmeow and another kitten was meowing loudly in the dumpster, abandoned perhaps by someone. The family had to feed him with kitten formula until he got bigger. Meowmeow started attacking visitors as he got bigger unfortunately and became my husband and his parent’s responsibility later on when his brother moved out.

I have a few not so great photos of Meow before he became a huge kitty

I was told that he climbed in under the blanket by himself and peeked out like this :) So darn cute! (the couple in the pictures are my brother in law and his wife — before I knew them)

While I wished I knew Meow when he was a bean, I heard that he tend to try to attack people’s feets even when he was a bean cat.

Smaller than a roll of toilet paper!

Getting bigger…

Big head cat (teenage years?)


Meowmeow apparently had always been a slient cat since young. I noticed that he seemed to became more vocal as I moved in and lived with the family, and I was extremely amused. Since he didn’t meow a lot, his meowing always sounds very girly and kitten like. And yes it’s ironic that his name is Meowmeow, since he’s a boy and doesn’t meow much then :P

Meowmeow was a handsome and adorable cat (after he initialized you by attacking U visiciously once or twice :P), I often enjoy making him the subject of my digital photography, I have tons and tons of pictures of Meowmeow over the 4-5 years I lived with him.

(Please excuse the different sizes ^^;)

King of the house

Meowmeow loved boxes, he always tried to see if he could fit into the opened boxes when we get something in the mail, he was strong enough to open doors to our cabinet/wardrobe and would go inside to check things out when he get them opened.

Size does not matter, really!

He likes to play with say, a ping pong ball, and we used to find him playing “soccer” by himself once in a while, almost like he was entertaining himself. Sometimes we join in, rolling the ball at him or kicking the ball back so he can catch it. Meowmeow loved food too, he would go eat by himself when he feels hungry, and always demands for his treats at about the same time every night. We often used to say when we eats, he eats, when we don’t eat, he eats too ^^;

Meow demanding for treats

Even when he was unwell(from before) he demands in his own ways (Meow Beammmm)

He wanted us to accompany him when he was eating after we moved to our current place to the point he would badgered us so we go watch him “perform” eating.

Even up to his last days with us he would go to his food dish by habit, but unfortunately by then eating was not enjoyable anymore :/ He even rejected bread, when he used to steal it from our counter tops and get into big trouble for it. I wish the outcome for all of this is different rather than at the cost of this naughty boy’s life. He had brought much joy and laughter other than the occassional mean bite and random attacks.

Freaked out by the vacuum cleaner

Meow has a buncha fans who loved and adored his photos, and a couple of them were brave enough to meet him in person ^^; He is also spoiled with treats and cards over the years (thank you ladies, you know who you are!)

I normally do not allow him to be on my desk, I would put a lot of stuff on my desk so he won’t be able to lay on it, so he goes over and takes over my husband’s clean desk ^^;

Taken on the last evening before the surgery :/ We were so amused that he watched a bit of the anime my husband was watching in bed… *sigh* Little did we know…

Thanks for looking and everyone who sent their condolences… Pets are family too which is probably why it hurts a lot I guess…


ETA: This 2 images of Meowmeow seems to be being spread around without our permission, we suspect it could be taken from cutewithchris.com page from way back. We hope the sites using it will either remove it or at least make a mention, so that people know that the cat in the pictures is one which we dearly missed… The hat is made by a friend who’s a big fan of Meowmeow, Virginie/Tibiloo, and was intended for a blythe doll. But it happens to fit Meowmeow ^^; He didn’t wear it for long, just a few quick shots on my camera and he demanded to be released ^^;

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  1. lovelyduckie
    lovelyduckie says:

    Your cat reminds me of my Rini a LOT, he sounds like the male version of Rini. He looks a bit like her and they’re similar right down to the threads in the bowels. Our silly cat has undergone 2 operations to untangle her insides from her trying to eat thread. She was found in the garbage and was very small before we picked her up at the shelter.

    Can see pics of her here (she is the fatter one)

  2. tibiloo
    tibiloo says:

    Oh, I just found this page !
    I miss Meowmeow too !
    I used to save on my computer all the pictures you were posting of him… I still have them !
    RIP little Meow !

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