Happy puppy teeshirt brief comparison

Remember this post? My Happy Puppy teeshirt arrived this week, and just last week I washed another one of the same type of tee shirt I ordered… so gonna document it here.

I bought a Mirai fox Ladies Baby Doll (fitted) tee many moons back (see notes on image), but am not sure if I like the bumpy texture, the shrinkage and slight fading over time. So this time I decided to try to buy a different teeshirt, a Kid’s T-shirt in Large to try it out, so far so good?

I think the vibrance of the image after washing definitely depend on the material the teeshirt is made of, the Ladies Baby Doll (fitted) tee is made from a material which will pill (get bumpy after washing), the Kid’s T-shirt is made of a different material. I still need to wear/wash a few times before the final verdict tho~!

I think I like the fit of the Kid’s T-shirt better ^^; Hope it won’t shrink too much over time! :3

Note: I removed the dark apparel selection from my zazzle shop at this time as I’m not very confident with the quality ^^;

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    These are so cute XD Now… they need to be doll sized too, so that I can buy a doll size and a person size… uh… not that I’d dress to match my doll or anything, eh heh heh heh -_-;;

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