Japan 2011 – Akihabara~!

Akihabara ni ikimashita! (18 Nov 2011, Friday)!

There are some food pictures in this blog post… so you have been warned :P

It’s been a while Akihabara! 久しぶり秋葉原!

Only passed by Gundam cafe as we had other stuff in mind to do (before certain shops closed) during our short time there ^^;

Luckily managed to find Volks Akihabara Showroom before it closed, despite being a bit lost :P

Loads of moe 2D girls on the buildings ;)

After we’re done shopping (ahem) time to fill our belly~! Yodobashi Akiba is a good place to go~ Their top floor has many restaurants :9

We chose to go to Kanda Grill this time ^^; Not very adventurous, but we were super tired and wanted to eat something which we can recognize I guess ^^;


Salada (Salad) which came with husband’s order of Tonkatsu curry rice ^^

*Drool…* Japanese rice is so fuwa fuwa (fluffy!)

I picked the hamburg steak set :D It comes with a hamburg (Japanese style hamburger) patty with gravy on top of a few potato wedges, a small side of omu-rice (omelette rice) and green salad. I think it is a generous size for a lady, so for someone with a bigger appetite maybe not enough? ^^;

It was delicious! So warrant another shot ;P

Before we left, I took a photo of their display outside XD

*Drool…* After this we may have walked around a bit in Yodobashi Camera, then headed back to our apartment to a much needed rest ^^;

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    We brought a laptop to copy photos hahaha XD dangerous to bring too many SD cards (and can get expensive) as they can get lost easily :P

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