Gosh, it’s been more than a week since I last posted! Sorry about that ^^;

Today I managed to hand over the items I made for the Doll Show to Mai Little Alien, I probably haven’t had enough sleep for a while and my brain feels like it need a load of defragmentation lol.  Today was a glorious day to hang out tho!

Mai chan always try bring one of our favorite cake places’s cakes over when she visits, so today I get to do it for her this time (YEY) and luckily I picked the green tea cake which she liked!

I took some photos of Mokotan, will post it at the doll blog later on ^^ while doing that I found some cute flowers — Lily of the Valley I think?

Had some friends over last friday nite for a small gathering, a whole day of cleaning/cooking/cleaning for me lol, but we can has cake after dinner :9~~~

Cake serving accident ^^; All of us were LOLing when the cake ended up like this…

Oven has trouble ^^; we tried to fix it by replacing oven sensor… but no workie (Nyou~ron) =_= these 2 things below cost almost double here compared to USA O_o pretty crazy!

Went to the Mall’s post office one of the afternoons few moons back… and caught some Lolis doing some cheer leading routine XD!  Husband said they are cute in the sense that they’re still not very graceful, but they’re trying their best XD

Greasy chinese food :P Had a relative from out of town here :3 that meant a lot of food abuse ;_;

Flied noodles

Flied yam dumplings(?)

Vivi and Mokotan shared their Easter eggs with Psycho Gundam san… lol

Psycho Gundam will crush your…………..

Home made okonomiyaki~! Luckily it turned out okay that day :P This dish I seem to have good and bad days… on bad days it taste bleh lol

Okay I’m bushed, will edit doll pix tomorrow :) I wish Mai chan a safe flight and fun journey with her doll kids!!!

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12 Responses to Random post + food photos

  1. mai says:

    gyabo-n!!! (I’m copying your tweet lol) thank u so much for coming over and bringing the cakes XD!!! I love Chicco’s green tea flavor!!!
    now you are making me crave for okonomiyaki@@
    and your items are safe with me ne XD! hehehe. put in a carry on baggage :-3

  2. That okonomiyaki looks delish and unique! Bonito flakes? Hmm… which mall was that cheerleader routine at? I can’t place the location. Aberdeen?

  3. zh3us says:

    Are those 2 over things the heat rods?

    Okomomiyaki looks good! whats the green stuff on it? *Curious*

  4. chun says:

    LOL was reading Nodame manga XD Next time we’ll try to arrange have okonomiyaki :P! or something lol Thank you again!!! I’m excited, help me say herru to Matin san + Emily san and if Natsuko turns up lol(even Mitsubachi san — I wonder if she remember me LOL) and I hope U meet Danny san too! XD woooooo~

  5. chun says:

    Yes dancing Bonito flakes and Aberdeen correctu LOL

  6. chun says:

    Oven themostat? Unfortunately the replacement didn’t work (shakes fists)

    Green stuff is Aoi Nori (if I din remmeber wrong) ^^

  7. i-pup (Jun) says:

    Moar Foods and Toys >_<
    The green tea cake really looks good. Feel like having one today =D~~~~

  8. phossil says:

    “Looks like this is our stop”.. Lol
    cool photos ;)

  9. chun says:

    Hahahahahahaha! I only saw the burger, didn’t notice the text until you posted XD! Actually It’s still quite a bit of a walk from the stop o_o Thanks :D

  10. chun says:


  11. Anouc says:

    The green-tea cake looks scary xDDD … like an art xD

  12. chun says:

    I wonder how they cut it so cleanly! :)

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