Cat girl art, spring and cats…

Nyah? Haven’t posted new art for a while I know (Nyoron~ ^^;) need.. moar… arms…. ^^;;;
I’ll update this into my gallery later on ^^; I did a couple more sketches but they were rather rough and also after an update recently my computer is refusing to work with the scanner (grrr!) I only managed to get this cat girl drawing into the computer by taking a picture then adjusting in photoshop, then open in Sai to clean up + CG ^^ Hope you like!

This image was inspired by Big box and Maru ^o^! I recommend you watch until the very end of the video LOL I dunno how the person who took the video managed not to laugh out loud XD!

Click image below for full view

We had company on Wednesday evening, a chance for our furry kids to socialise with humans other than us ^o^ I think they did pretty okay :3 Ginko shy away sometimes (maybe she gets tired from playing) but generally they were very active and amusing to watch :3

Monorail Ginko?

Yoshi really wanted to get on the table ^^; but he has to settle for lap lol

Yoshi getting comfy ^o^

We have NO idea how in the world did he twisted his body to look like this XD

Yoshi cracked us up when he tried rather hard to convince us that he can have a share of human dessert ^^;

When begging from one end doesn’t work, try the other side…

Meow used to do that too :) and he peeks over a bit more since he’s a bigger kitty :3 

On a non cat related note, it has been goregous!!! :)

I walked to the Mall, as I was partly misguided about the construction blocking my usual bus stop (oops!). But I didn’t mind the walk, it was a great day to walk :) Blue sky, slight breeze, sunshine, amazing weather!

Explosions of flowers!

From far I thought these pink spots on the tree was fruits, but upon closer inspection…

They were buds, some on the verge of bursting into a bloom ^o^

It’s nice to see blue skies like this, but unfortunately in richmond, many higher buildings are being built :( Looks like the stretch of blue sky may be replaced with urban jungle in future…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    Yoshi and Ginko are so beautiful, love the pic of Yoshi sleeping in the lap and at the table too, sooo cute.

    Cats really do the funniest things.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Aquilla :D they’re very sweet kitties :) I love how they have different characters XD I agree with the cats doing funniest things lol!

  3. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Awww cute monorail ^.^ Looks like they’re settling in ok with a few people :D

    Oh I thought it was funny where there’s a picture of a propane tank and you typed almost underneath it, “Explosion of flowers!” Very appropriate! *thumbs up*

  4. chun
    chun says:

    @lightningsabre Neko monorail? lol I guess it helped that when they were at the shelter, people visit every other day and handle them, so does the volunteers :)

    LOL I always thought the spring flowers looked like fireworks XD I actually didn’t realize the significant of the propane tank under the trees :P good catch lol!

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @Blowfish hehe ^o^ and yes it’s pretty goot :3!

    @Gunstray I’m actually a bit afraid of when the heat reach the peak now :P

  6. yamada
    yamada says:

    I always wondering who are this Yoshi and Ginko you’re talking about, it was a cat LOL XD, RAWR at your cat girl art X3 and love those trees kinda give me a relieve to see it

  7. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    pretzel kitteh! our cat got visitors and he did really well we were surprised. We thought he would be taking over but he was Mr. social:3

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