Cat show

Checked out a cat show with husband over the weekend, kinda a last minute decision to go as the traffic around the area on the day before was HORRIBLE! ^^; We got stuck in the traffic for almost more than an hour when we were trying to run some errands ^^;

I had been to one cat show back in Singapore before many years ago, but it was very small scale, and at the time I did not even have a camera, so whatever memory of that show was mostly like: Woah those cats are way bigger than the strays we often see in Singapore ^^;!

Being our first time attending a cat show, we didn’t know what to expect really, but seeing all these different cats close up makes us like cats even more :P I do not know every single breed and names of the cats, so please bear with me!

The beauty below is a rag doll kitty called Milo, he’s very sweet and relaxed but can be very playful when you put his favourite toy in front of him :) He won some nice awards, and his owner was very nice and friendly :D

Modern siamese?

This kitty below was so adorable :3 When the judge picked it up it let out a meow of displeasure (lol) but thankfully was cooperative when being handled ^^ It reminds me a little of Garfield no?

The expression on this kitty is so much like a human! XD

And then we came across a lovely couple breeders, Colin and Kelly from Fraser Valley Bengals, they had such beautiful cats with them, we couldn’t stop taking pictures at their area! XD Look at the amazing coat on this handsome boy!

They cannot resist the cat toys XD yet when being held, they’re generally very relaxed ^o^

Just look at the beautiful patterns o_o! Gotta remember to remind my husband to send pictures to the lovely couple ^o^

Saw this, couldn’t resist a photo :P

Another cutie ;P

Judging time… I love how all of them sat at attention when a cat toy is waved in front of them XD

heehee :P


So many beautiful cats at the show :)

What a hairless cat look like? ^^; (I’m reminded of Dr. Evil’s kitty from Austin Powers ^^;) I guess they are for people who are allergic to cat hair?

Non related to the show, Check out Yoshi the drama king ;P — harsh chemicals being used to clean the kitchen so they’re cooped up for a bit in the bedroom, Yoshi: Do not want lol!

Okie time to make dinner ^^; laters all!

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  1. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    Wow that Video of Yoshi really reminds me of my girl Kiwi, she does the exact same thing, meowing and scratching at the door trying to get out. She’ll happily stay in an open room, but close up a door and she gets annoyed XD

  2. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    Forgot to add that the cats at the show are really beautiful, so stunning. I don’t think we have cat shows over here but would love to go to one and see all the pretties. What do they actually judge the cat on?

  3. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    I love the second one…reminds me of my new dog when he ran into the backyard doors because my older dog was outside. ^^;;;;;;

    Those hairless breeds scare me…seriously. I feel bad for them.

  4. chun
    chun says:

    lol! crazy kitties :P and oh! They judge on appearance and behavior I think! ^^ we didn’t stay for all the judging so not too sure lol!

  5. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    cute kitties! love garfield, his face is so big and fluffy >^.^< yoshi is doing the cat thing lol! open the door they stay in there all day, close the door and it is a crisis! mine do the same.

  6. aprilius20
    aprilius20 says:

    I like the kitty below the um… grey paper cat tower thingey, lol.
    Cheetah cat was stunning too- makes me want to stick it over my shoulders like how pirates use parrots:D

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