Phew, been more than a week since I posted any entry ^^;/ Below are a couple rough doodles I did with my finger on the husband’s new toy… Can you guess what it is? :P

So, husband went on a brief business trip, I think he’s really happy with his new toy :P

It took a while to get used to the gestures needed to draw on the ipad (yes he got it lol) , below is the first doodle I made lol!

Husband found an application called Sketchbook pro by Autodesk which is available as a simplified version for the ipad  and got me to try it out ^^ below is my 2nd sketch.

My thoughts about it? It is pretty cool for a slightly more elaborate quick doodling with colours, but it’s pretty difficult to draw/paint with precision with our thick fingers lol!  I felt that I took longer than I like to draw the 2nd sketch despite slowly getting used to the functions of the application. I know I “undo” a lot of times ^^;

I used photoshop to resize and insert the text into the images.

I think my favorite program for drawing with the computer to date is still Sai (What is Sai?)  But then again I have not tried the full version of the actual Sketchbook pro just yet, so I can’t say if the latter is nicer to use than Sai.

Some non related cat photos :P

I had been busy preparing some items for my friend Mai ( to bring to the coming Doll Show, and also we had been busy hanging out with an out of town relative, so it’s all just been pretty crazy, hence the lack of posts in general.

There was a lot of food abuse (ugh) as well, I feel kinda sick looking at food photos now (despite a lot of them are yummy), so none of that until later I think ^^;

Yoshi on the other hand cannot get enough of treats (we gave him a few already before these photos :P)

He was so anxious that he actually nipped my fingers a few times ^^;

For some reason we haven’t taken too much photos of this variety of cherry(?) blossoms this year, but partly also due to that the leaves already came out way ahead likely due to the warm ish weather ^^;

Thanks for staying with us :) Hope everyone’s having a nice week!

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18 Comments on "iDoodle?"

5 years 4 months ago

Hm.. using an ipad to draw doesn’t seems to affect the quality of your work ^^

5 years 4 months ago

<3 such n adorable kitty <3
btw chun-chan~ is it easy to doodle on ipad? :3

5 years 4 months ago

Not bad for an iPad! :D

5 years 4 months ago

The sketch is still good even in iPad.. as expected of Chun. :D

5 years 4 months ago

Yoshi > iPad for sure!!! ahahahaa

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