Victoria, Vancouver Island day 1

The first time I been to Victoria – Vancouver Island was with my family visiting from Singapore a few years back, and this time round I went with my husband and family from his side ^o^/

Victoria is a beautiful place, but it’s a lot smaller compared to Greater Vancouver, and feels like a tourist spot or a place for people to relax?

We stayed at a hotel called Oswego, it looks newly furnished and has a kitchen and a “living room” like area and a mini Patio.

It has free wifi too, but I didn’t get to use it much as we were mainly out and about checking out the place and nomming ^^;

The bed is so tall, a bit not used to it as our bed at home is very low XD

Stowaways XD – Vivi and Mokotan, I wanted to bring a dollfie dream but didn’t want to lug a large girl around and we had quite a large group with us ^^; It was good that I didn’t bring a big girl as it was way too windy for good photos too…

It was a SUPER  windy day >_<; My hat was blown off once :P

The 2nd time I came to check out this area, we didn’t go down tho ^^; They cleaned up the path a little I think?

Really amused by these sculptures which reminds me of avocado and chopsticks ^^;

Vivi and Mokotan taking a break :P

So The Empress supposedly have really awesome high tea service – $67 per head for Royal Tea. Too bad it was too pricey to go with a large group of people ^^;

Oh well at least we got to take some nice photos of the exterior ^^; I heard the interior looked spectacular too, would have loved to bring a DD or two there :P

Thanks for looking~ part 2 may have a bunch of evil food photos if they turn out okay — haven’t look thru them carefully yet ^^;