Japan 2011 – Tokyo

Long story shot, the trip which was pushed back to now happened!


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Day trip to Victoria

Went to Victoria for a day trip, carpooled with friends early in the morning, took a 2 hour ferry, then another hour ish in a car…

Had a blast XD Luckily the weather was awesome despite a bit cold :)

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Meat and Bread

Niko to pan o tabemashita! (Meat & Bread eaten!)

Had some visitors from Singapore was visiting Vancouver and I hung out with them a little :)

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Strida Mini adventures 5 — potato run

Went to pick up some potatoes at a small stand somewhat near our place. It’s a long a busy busy road so…. I was on the pavement ^^;  I generally get off the bike to walk if I come across pedestrians tho.

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Evil food documentation

Oops realise I haven’t blogged here for a bit ^^; Time flies!

Have a bunch of food pix to document :3 along with some miscellaneous pix :)

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Strida Mini adventures

So here’s another post about my outtings with Strida Mini ^^/

Sometimes while I wish I brought a doll out too, but I need to get used to riding Strida Mini a bit more before I carry more stuff with me when I am out and about ^^;

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Beautiful Portland USA 1 – flight and hotel

Due to BlytheCon 2011 which happened last monday on the 20th June 2011, I had the chance to experience beautiful Portland in USA! Heartfelt thanks to the lovely Blythe people who made this trip possible! :)

It was my first time in Portland and I wasn’t sure what to expect, except I hear great things about it from people who visited it before :) I was very lucky that I had Jade (bluestarbaby on flickr/bluestardolls blog)  who was able to take me around to places she had been to, and she was awesome to room and share food with :P

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Busy months!

Been so busy, no have much time to blog, finally got some time to resize some photos, want to make note of the beautiful days and memories this year…

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Activities and food :P

I dug out the clover seeds given to me years back (the seeds supposedly expired but they still work ^^; ) I have a black thumb… so I hope these guys make it :P

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Gorgeous day

Beautiful day out today, really sunny some point in time, but rather cold due to the breeze — when I went out for a moment I felt like I was being blown away :P

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