Japan 2011 – Tokyo

Long story shot, the trip which was pushed back to now happened!


Day 0/1

at YVR, burger king LOL it was made a little better than last time I had it ^^; I couldn’t finish it tho cos didn’t have someone to share the fries with :P

Watched a bit of KON on flight ^^;

Some point in time, I got a horrid migraine in flight and was saved by kind JAL flight attendents <3 They brought me some medication from their first aid on flight, and at least 3 attendents kept checking on me, which was really kind of them :) The last 3 hours of the flight felt really long as I battled the terrible pain ^^;

Took NEX into Tokyo, documented by husband who flew in from HK to meet me ^^

Still quite jet lagged, and poor husband is a bit unwell, on the first day we arrived, within hours I killed poorpoor LX3 :(

My carry on luggage with the check in luggage when I was rolling it off the escalator, luggage wheel got caught on the bumps meant for the visually disabled and… LX3 was in the front pocket… I had a sick feeling in my stomach as my carry on had other items which could had been badly damaged as well, I was very lucky those didn’t get damaged (so far, knock on wood) expensive lesson learnt, no matter how heavy it gets, best to carry it rather than putting it somewhere unstable…

The LCD screen is cracked, the camera still can take photos but without the LCD screen  I cannot change settings or see what I am taking ^^;;; It is frustrating as it is money which I rather spent elsewhere *cough dollfiedream cough* but I guess it’s time to look for a replacement since I need it to take pictures not just for this trip but in general >_<; Unfortunately partly due to the yen being so strong, if I do get a replacement camera here it will cost me a lot more than we’d like to spend ^^;;;;

Day 2

Woke super early thanks to jet lag, felt hungry as it was late lunch time in Vancouver ^^; Around 8 am plus, I went outside and bought bread (パン) and coffee for breakfast :3 picture below taken blindly with broken LX3, had to crop it :P

I bought low suger red bean bun, still rather sweet tho, which surprised me a bit ^^;

Caused trouble by forgetting to say “to go” when I placed my order and the server making the coffee remade 2 new lattes for me (doh!)

Met up with Ken who kindly took time to hang out with us despite his busy schedule (Thank you so much Ken!) Do check out Ken’s iphone app: Photo Mess which I had a little part in some of the art inside :D I believe a new update is coming soon (we saw a live demo which looks awesome!)

Okay hopefully more later, I won’t have too much photos at this point in time thanks to my clumsiness by killing poor LX3 ;_; thanks for bearing with me ^^;

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    yeah :( But you know it’s almost like the LX3 took a bullet for my laptop (old laptop but errr if it break I cannot even write this blog post)

  2. FatB
    FatB says:

    Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Especially since I own a LX3 too. Maybe you will get a super advanced Japanese camera. One that changes into a robot.

  3. princess chuchi
    princess chuchi says:

    Oh no!! Sorry to hear about your camera, and migrane. That is NOT a fun flight if you’re not feeling well. >__< Hope the rest of your trip is more fun!!

  4. chun
    chun says:

    I’m so sorry about my camera too… on the first day even ^^;;; Migraine luckily had passed, I hope it takes some edge/bad luck off my trip LOL! Thank you dear :D I hope you have a nice trip yourself to manitoba? :D:D

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