Paper Lamp shades are delicious

Ginko thinks paper lampshades are yummy, and futher destroyed our lampshade in the living room ^^;

PS: I knew it was her because I saw her do it right in front of me :P

The first time it was torn was on the last day before we returned from a Japan trip. ^^; The lamp shade had a wire ring which was dragged to the bottom of the pole, tearing the lampshade when it happened :P At that time we didn’t know who did it ^^;

So we cut the paper part shorter and tape the bottom wire ring back as a temporary measure… Ginko probably damaged it again (I think I witnessed it probably, which is how I remember it was her ^^;), by tearing the wire off for the 2nd time ^^;

Finally last week this happened ^^; No way to cover that white bit on the pole there ^^;

We bought this fabric with the idea of replacing the lampshade, I finally got around doing it, nothing too fancy, I roughly hand stitched the fabric onto the wire rings at the top and bottom ^^

At night :P Looks darker than it is ^^;

Cute fabric :3 I cut out a bit for a dollfie dream peasant top ^^;

Naughty smug girl :P

Yoshi’s paw says Hai!

Recently updated my sewing desk a bit with moar Ribba ledges (shelves for my dolls and toys) with help of my husband :3 Having the blythes on the shelves make it easier to put more mess/stuff on the desk lol… Took photos for the record and for the otacool3 workspace submission (will update later on) ^^;

Hope to help husband take some for his submission (muhuhu) and yes… the mess on the desk is starting LOL, I am cutting some pieces for the coming updates ^^;

And one more thing, Mai had a chance to do a Doll show 28 after report :D she couldn’t get online the last 2 days in Tokyo ^^; So grateful that she was able to help me bring some sewing to the doll show XD kya!!

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  1. aquilla
    aquilla says:

    Ohh the new lampshade looks wonderful. It’s cute, but in a mature sophisticated way. Very nice.

    Lets hope little Ginko leaves this one alone ^^

  2. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    OMG are those nendoroid ?? Those little nenderoids standing next to the lamp!!! OMG i really love nendoroids ^^ . and WOW!!! I’m jealous!! I love your dolls.

  3. chun
    chun says:

    Yes I have some nendoroids :D hehe they were in boxes for a long time after my last move ^^; Save up for some for yourself! ;D

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