Happy Puppy Halloween!

and sidekick batmouse muhaha!

This year it was a good choice to pick a white one, I wasn’t sure at first how it will turn out at first ^^; I never really seen photos of how the white pumpkin looks when lit up, compared to the popular choice of the regular orange pumpkins.

I have my lovely assistant, Mokotan helping me this year too, the last 2 year’s pumpkin carvings was of Danny’s Mirai Suenaga, which I really enjoyed doing too :)

Puppy with beard?

White pumpkin looks nice and elegant when carved XD, the warm off white of the pumpkin compliments the fall colours very well :)

Couldn’t wait, had to try to light up the pumpkin to see how it looks!

So when the white pumpkin is lit up, it turned out a bright orange! It was awesome! Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t find photos of the white pumpkins lit up, as it is somewhat similar to when the orange ones are lit up :P

Put the stalk on…

Hope you enjoyed the photos :D I definitely recommend the white pumpkin for carving! :3

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18 Responses to Pumpkin carving 2011

  1. Jade Y says:

    Omg!! Super cute pumpkin!!!!! Love it!

  2. Jen says:

    Aaaah! So cute, Chun!

  3. chun says:

    Thank you XD

  4. chun says:

    Thanks Jade <3!

  5. Innocentsake says:

    That was great :D I think next year I’ll have to get a white pumpkin myself and carve out something cute!

  6. Heather says:

    Fantastic! And YAY for batmouse!

  7. chun says:

    hehe thank you! :D

  8. Shamanweb says:

    SO CUTE!! x3 i love your crafts… keep the good work Chun :3

  9. chun says:

    Thank you so much! :D

  10. Howie says:

    haha.that’s adorable

  11. chun says:

    Thank you :D

  12. limsp says:

    I really like it. Well one!
    May be you should start to celebrate Halloween next year:)

  13. chun says:

    Hey! hehe we probably won’t celebrate Halloween due to various reasons but playing with pumpkin is fun :P

  14. Late to the party again, lol. Very nice pumpkin! I loathe pumpkins! Well mostly the taste and smell of it :P But I like them pumpkin seeds. How’s this one smell? XD White pumpkins from now on? Love the Batmouse on the side ^_^

  15. chun says:

    Thanks! and have fun! ^O^

  16. chun says:

    lol pumpkin party? ^^; You mean the pumpkin pies? When I cut into it, it smelt like fart ^^;
    We’ll see about next year about pumpkin carving XD

  17. yaku says:


  18. […] year (2011) I carved a white pumpkin too :D It looks nice in the daytime if done neatly […]

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