Late summer already?

In serious denial that Autumn is creeping in >_< here are a bunch of photos taken on some of the mild weather days we have had :)

This picture taken on iphone on an evening walk :) It was one of those super mild evenings which we enjoy! This blog post is full of random stuff, kitties, food, etc :P you have been warned lol!

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Meat and Bread

Niko to pan o tabemashita! (Meat & Bread eaten!)

Had some visitors from Singapore was visiting Vancouver and I hung out with them a little :)

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Brief update!

Picture above taken by husband at Steveston’s Farmers Artisan’s Market, which we decided to check out at last minute… The skies were threatening to rain but we left soon after buying some plants ^^;

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Busy months!

Been so busy, no have much time to blog, finally got some time to resize some photos, want to make note of the beautiful days and memories this year…

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Activities and food :P

I dug out the clover seeds given to me years back (the seeds supposedly expired but they still work ^^; ) I have a black thumb… so I hope these guys make it :P

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Last year, we bought a sack of long grain rice as it was on sale, and it feels like it’s taking a long time for us to finish it ^^;

I missed Japanese (short grain) rice, so I got tonkatsu don from the food court just so I can eat some Japanese rice lol!

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Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant

Had some friends from the states visiting ^o^ and we went to eat out XD nomnomnom ^^; One of the evenings we went to eat at Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant… so good! XP

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Lunar New Year and BBT cafe

Happy Lunar New Year to all those who celebrate it!

Over the weekend, me and husband to check out this place called BBT cafe, above is their festive display to welcome the Lunar New Year :)

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Christmas party

Braved the cold weather and took public transit to attend a Christmas dinner party (brrrrrrrrr) I was glad it was not snowing/raining tho!

The black forest trifle was spectacular ;P deep dark chocolate decadence torte was pretty good too~!

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Grilled bacon at home on a lazy Sunday morning ^^;

We went to Granville island the day before on a spur of the moment, checked out a new broom shop which caught my husband’s eye ^^ After that we bought some groceries home, one of the items being some slices of bacon to try ^o^

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