Yes we did ^^;

It wasn’t exactly a planned trip, and it was rather short, packed and super busy, but I must say it was fun!  I didn’t think we would be going really, but due to something unexpected we just ended up going ^^;  (no we didn’t win the lottery ^^;)

To put a long story short, my team “Permanent Immigrant and Pending”‘s entry Glacier Lily, got into the finals for the Blythe beauty contest(voting has ended thank you all who had voted for us!) and there was a private opening party to attend, and what better excuse to go?  During the mid-week got a invite from Danny about an Appliya party, so we attended with a friend and Mirai chan as well ^^;

Due to the amount of photos taken I will seperate food and maybe loot into different entries :) Since it is the rainy season in Japan some days it was rather too wet to take any decent photos so we still felt like we did not take enough photos ^^;/

One of the highlights of the trip was that we finally got to meet Danny Choo, his lovely waifu and 5 gorgeous daughters ^^;  I brought along Mirai’s head as I acquired a Dollfie Dream Dynamite body, so I can just put Mirai’s head on the extra body to save myself some extra luggage space ^^;/

Very happy to be able to visit Danny’s office and see all the neat stuff in person :D

Danny tried to convince my husband that the Vader suit was for him ^^;

Dinner :9! Take out from Saboten *drool*


Before eating must take some photos of food and dollfie musumes ^^;

During chatting must take some moment to admire musumes…

After dinner, let’s whip out the gundams :P

Thanks for taking time off to hang out Danny!

A little background: My husband came across Danny’s blog/website a few years ago, and recommended me to read it, I got hooked, so the rest is history (LOL) I ended up doing some small artwork and making some dollfie clothing for Danny during some of my spare time between my illustration work :)

When I am in Japan, I love checking out fabric stores to source for good fabrics and materials to make doll clothing :) Below is a small shop called “Life!” which I went in for the first time with 2 friends :D The shop does not have a website, but my husband found them at the bottom of this link featuring some shops in Nippori.  The shop owner kindly allowed us to take photo of the shop interior ^^ She also speaks some english too :D

Shop front of Life!

While going to meet some friends for dinner at Shinjuku, saw this, kawaii and moe? ^^;

We went to the restaurant at 8 floor:

There’s this fruit store selling Durians lol

Fruits are always neatly arranged and people are not allowed to touch them ^^;

I like how they include the little stalk on top of the melons ^o^

Cute Majong? ^^;

The little bear was walking around the pole ^^; I think it has been defaced by marker ^^;

Party bus?

Display thick toast… like THICK ^^;

Shoko tan?

Scored some bits and bobs for Mirai at Ikebukuro Volks store ^^; It was a bit difficult to find but has quite a bit of stuff other than dollfies ^^/

We wondered around a bit and bumped into a friendly japanese guy at this place ^o^ we tried to communicate in our limited language lol

And you probably already seen variations of this photo ;P Steve Nagata san took many great pix that night! ^o^

Amano Ai-chan and troopin Danny ^o^

Yas san from appbank borrowed Trooper helmet ^^;

RAWR!!! (lol)

Got a photo with Amano Ai-chan! She’s sooooo CUTE in person! :D

Later at the iphone party ^^;/

Giveaways ^o^! Kawaii cosplaying staff from CIRCUS Co., Ltd ^o^/

Danny not only talked about Mirai clock iphone app developed by Ken Lee, but also hosted some give aways ^o^

We encountered life size Gundam at Odaiba ^o^

So glad that Gundam was put together by the time we went, and VERY thankful for the great weather, despite being sun burnt after we hung around for a bit ^^;

My husband took better pix I think :P I’ll let him show more later ;D

Over the week, at Nakano Broadway, I came across a deal I cannot resist ^^; I think she might had been from a smoking home (due to a faint smell) or maybe was used, as the wire around her neck looks different from what I recall from my other Mamachapps.  But Moko tan Get! ^^;;;;; I may have to rehome some dolls tho ^^;/

She met a new friend ^^;/

And ate my dessert :P

Walked thru a mall, saw this squishy thing :P

Mascot rallying? ^^;

Was treated Mister Donuts :D! First time eating it thankq  Danny and waifu ^o^!!!

I want! :P but I think it’s acquired by points? ^^;


Mokotan went to donut heaven ^^;  Texture is very interesting, kinda chewy. ^^

After an afternoon of chatting, we nao have Danny demonstrate how to make Dollfie Dream Maki sushi :P *round of applauce*

First, place Dollfie on one end of a soft towel…

Then start rolling carefully…

If towel is big enough you can place 2nd Dollfie Dream and continue rolling…

Ready? Itadakimasu!

Make sure the towels are clean before rolling your Dollfie Dream musumes in them!

Danny having an “otaku moment” LOL He’s a good Dollfie Papa ^^!

Fast forward, we went to this amazing Korean BBQ place owned by friend’s parents ^o^! It will be featured in the Food entry coming next lol!

Hung out a bit on sunday with the bunch of friends, they took us to Yokohama and China town, too bad the weather was poo, rainy ^^; We saw a river FULL OF JELLY FISHES O_O!

It was insane!

In China town, we noticed that the Panda is often associated, and there was many steamed buns stalls/shops around ^o^

Unfortunately on the evening I got back to Canada I fell sick :P I was quite worried in case it was the flu which we don’t want to get lol! I am currently taking medication and feeling slightly better today ^^;/ so more next time! Also gotta catch up with work ^^;;;;

75 Responses to Tokyo Trip

  1. marvinryan says:

    you got to see the Odaiba Gundam. I’m soooo Jealous. anyway hope you had a great time there. ^^

  2. marvinryan says:

    oh btw lol on the team name. ^^;

  3. Lene says:

    Looks like you had a grand time in Japan! Can’t wait to see your food pics, too :3

    And yay for meeting Danny, too :D

  4. WiseFreeman says:

    Nice, get to visit Danny house & workplace ^o^

    Fruits in Japan are indeed very expensive……. 4500yen per Durian, over here can get you at least 15 durians ^^;

    Wow, that french toast is very THICK!

    Trip to Odaiba Gundam, I’m envy~~~~~

    LOL @ DD maki sushi

    Jelly fish in a river O_O!

    Glad you are getting better now ^_^

  5. Wow you saw the desks that all of us see online in person! It’s still only pictures to me though :P LoL @ giant maid poster! Is that thick toast only a display or can you actually order it? It looks very delish. AAGGH! You got to see 1/1 Gundam and try a Mr. Donut!! Me envy! Hrrmm… I wonder if I can meet with Danny if I go to Japan as well… -.-

    Hope you get well soon :)

  6. chun says:

    I think we were so lucky to have been able to see Odaiba Gundam! I hope they will keep him up forever! And lol it was kinda a description of me and my team mates :D 2 of us are permanent immigrant, and one is waiting (hence pending) we thought it would stand out LOL

  7. chun says:

    Thankq :D I’m missing the food in Japan already ^^; And very glad was able to meet Danny this time!

  8. chun says:

    The fruits look very pretty tho ^^; I’m still taking medication, hope to feel 100% soon ^^;

  9. chun says:

    thick toast is a display but I suspect can order too ^^; Never tried tho, cos will never be able to finish if it’s that thick ^^; I suppose if U go to japan U should just give Danny a holla ^^; and I hope I get well soon too lol!

  10. marvinryan says:

    lol! so you planning to take the citizenship test after 3 years?

  11. chun says:

    oh I’m not sure yet ^^;/

  12. FatB says:

    I enjoyed your pics very much, and it looks like a terrific trip. Only one problem:

    I want MOAR!

  13. “will never be able to finish it if it’s that thick” <— That sounds like a challenge! I must go there, order one and finish it! XD

  14. I’m so jealous!!! I just got back from Japan and would have loved to do any of the things you just did. That’s so amazing you got to meet Danny and hang out with him as much as you did.

  15. Haru says:

    What a surprise! You met Danny~ ^^
    Lovely pictures; enjoyed them very much!
    Anxious to see the rest! :D

  16. chun says:

    lol moar to come la :P

  17. chun says:

    Aww I’m sure you’ll go to Japan again, remember to look Danny up and go cosplaying in Akihabara! *grin*

  18. chun says:

    Thanks! :) will try to sort and post soon ^^;/ there’s quite a bit lol@

  19. pus2meong says:

    Aw, just like you. I want that cellphone strap ^^

  20. Gunstray says:

    How short was your trip again? As expected Danny treats his acquaintance well.

  21. Cavalock says:

    Hi there, found yr site via Danny’s. Great site and super pix, reminded me of my trip. the restaurant on the 8th floor, think i been there, was it a hot pot joint? can’t wait for the FOOD n LOOT pix!

  22. YuKi-To says:

    Wow that’s great fun u had! ok, that’s crazy huge toast!
    lol at dollfie maki XD

    I’m going Tokyo on august, hope gundam’s still there >.<

  23. Koshiko says:

    Ahh~~ puppy, you so cute~ I don’t think I’ve seen a close up photo of you before x3

    Congrats on the finals and taking the chance to travel to Japan, I love your photos, they look very fun! I want to see the Gundam up close at Odaiba too, but it doesn’t look likely that I’ll be able to visit before they take it down in August u_u~

    Also, am interested in fabrics now, I’m looking forward to taking some time to learn how to sew. The Life! store looks like a cute place to start.

    Hope you get totally better soon :3

  24. dans says:

    I think this was the first time I see your photo.
    it looks like you had a great time !
    it must be really nice to be able to visit Danny and his place. I hope I will be able to meet him someday !
    Looking forward for more photos.

  25. robostrike says:

    Wow, you got to Danny’s place?? That’s so awesome! And Odaiba Gundam! You’re making a guy who really wants to go to Japan really jealous >.<

  26. heathorn says:

    Wow, you see the 1/1 gundam, and also danny’s daughters ^_^

  27. 6pack says:

    visiting japan seems so interesting. those toast slice are very thick. will fill stomach two times. lol. thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.

  28. RyoBase says:

    can your husband use force? I bet he can.

  29. Michael Flux says:

    Ah, wow, excellent photos! Thanks alot for posting ^_^

  30. chun says:

    I want the plushy lol!

  31. Mimi says:

    Wooooooooow!!!!!!!! OMG that is such an awesome adventure w/Danny! Jealous! And great pics! You really captured what it’s like in Japan! Ohh i went to Yokohama too lol yaay :3 Btw I love your new layout too~

  32. chun says:

    LOL and you must blog about it when U do! :P

  33. chun says:

    about 10 days ^^; (maybe less since not counting the flight)

  34. chun says:

    thank you! and oh! it was more like a fusion food + bbq on stick place? ^^

  35. chun says:

    Ohhh me too O_O! I hope they keep him there forever or something!

  36. chun says:

    aww thankq :P that was a good photo of me, I have plenty of awful pix LOL I hope they would keep it up longer if not forever ^^;;;;! Nippori has a whole street full of fabric shops :D and I am slowly getting better I hope ^^;;;;/ fingers crossed XP!

  37. chun says:

    haha :P and yes we had a great time thank you :) and I hope to have some time to sort thru food pix soon ^^;/

  38. chun says:

    I hope you’ll have your chance to go to Japan in future ^o^/ I think we’re very lucky that it just happened in the week ^^

  39. chun says:

    So happy to see them! :D we’re very fortunate ^^!

  40. chun says:

    ^o^ for us maybe more than 2 times lol! you’re welcome, glad you enjoyed them!

  41. chun says:

    depends on what kind ^^; LOL

  42. chun says:

    Thank you! Glad to see U back (read about the hosting poopoo) ^^;

  43. chun says:

    hehe too bad was in Yokohama on a very rainy day and didn’t stay for too long ^^; hope U had a nice time too, just post whatever U did :P

  44. Cavalock says:

    i guess its a yakitori place then, there r quite a lot in Shinjuku.

  45. yamada says:

    looks like I’m craving for durian congee~~~ great pics chun! ^o^/

  46. chun says:

    oh gawd is there such a thing? LOL I think I rather have durian by itself lol!

  47. chun says:

    oh yes that’s the right term lol! thankq :D

  48. Densha Otoko says:

    LOL , Didn’t know Japan has a China Town . Whish there is a Japan Town in Malaysia .

    Its kinda cool meeting Danny Choo in the flesh ( Its like meeting a celebrity ) .

    Your husband looks good in the Vader helmet .

    Woah , Lots and lots a Jellyfish

    Its good to know your having a blast in “Nippon”

  49. chun says:

    Interesting thing with China towns around the world is that they try very hard to “brand” it with stuff like steamed buns and such :P
    Meeting Danny Choo is a humbling experience lol! We’re very lucky to have a chance to :)
    No comment about the vader helmet :P
    we had a blast indeed ^^

  50. Wolfheinrich says:

    Looks like a very fun trip indeed, I so wanted to see the Gundam myself, I am contemplating a Japan trip in August myself, hopefully it will materialize ;D

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