Worldwide Otaku Report

To take part in the Worldwide Otaku Report, submit yours here. July 20th is the deadline.^o^/

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Mirai Curry version 2

Ah!!! Mirai Curry has a version 2 already! I had the pleasure to draw version 1 lol

Someday I’ll go to Japan and eat it!!! :P

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Tentacle Grape

Had the pleasure to work with J-List earlier this year and came up with these art work ^o^/

Which is your favorite? I particularly liked the Mio one after I was done lol!

Danny and Jlist are currently running a contest where you can design an image and win some Tentacle grape juice! XD And I included a few random doodles under cut :)

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Culture Japan

Very honored to be credited for my small work in culture japan X3! Got kind permission from Danny to post about the credit LOL!

Mirai in her Retrograde Suit illustrated by Square Enix lead designer Skan Srisuwan. Of course the main bulk of the entire work was done by Skan Srisuwan san, I just did some editing to Mirai’s face ^^;> For more info and larger images on Mirai Millennium check out Danny’s post :)

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Busy months!

Been so busy, no have much time to blog, finally got some time to resize some photos, want to make note of the beautiful days and memories this year…

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Mirai Suenaga Figma

Congratulations to Danny, whose Mirai Suenaga Figma is officially open for preorders!

Mirai and Danny has always been a big source of inspiration to me, and yet again I felt inspired to draw a fan art of Mirai ^^;/

Please click image below for full view :)

ETA: A huge version can be found on my post :3

Mirai Suenaga fan art for culture:japan

Interested in having your fan art of Mirai Suenaga being shown on Danny’s culture:japan?

I dug up some older fan art I did of Mirai Suenaga and etc for submission ^o^ Also updated the previous fan art of Kanata Hoshikawa to reflect the correct hair do. ^^;  The one above erm I got the idea from someone’s comment ^^; Sketched it in pencils, took a photo of it and drew/colour mostly using Sai.

I’m quite tired so gonna crash soon, will update the artwork in gallery later :)

Pumpkin carving 2010

So I couldn’t decide what I should carve this year…. then it suddenly hit me XD I was so excited after I decided what I want to carve :P

Recognise who she is? It’s not exactly the same as I kinda eyeball sketched it with a sharpie before carving this time ^^;

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Batmouse Evolution teeshirt

Got a teeshirt for husband for his birthday (late present since his birthday already passed :P), too bad it did not arrive before Anime Evolution on the weekend ^^; Right now it’s waiting to be washed lol

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Chinka cosplay

Can this possibly be the first Chinka cosplay? Or should it be crossplay since Ginko (our cat) is actually a girl? ^^; Compare with Hibuse (the cat character in Chinka)

The furkids Ginko (Grey girl) and Yoshi (Tabby boy) has been shedding a lot, so I collected a bunch of their fur, not sure what to do… then we heard about Chinka from Danny

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