Beautiful Portland USA 1 – flight and hotel

Due to BlytheCon 2011 which happened last monday on the 20th June 2011, I had the chance to experience beautiful Portland in USA! Heartfelt thanks to the lovely Blythe people who made this trip possible! :)

It was my first time in Portland and I wasn’t sure what to expect, except I hear great things about it from people who visited it before :) I was very lucky that I had Jade (bluestarbaby on flickr/bluestardolls blog)  who was able to take me around to places she had been to, and she was awesome to room and share food with :P

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Summer wedding

Attended a friend’s wedding ceremony and dinner last week :) Took some photos but didn’t have a chance to share them until today ^^;

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Steveston adventure with visitor

A friend from Singapore was visiting and stayed with us for a little bit :) Thankfully the weather was very cooperative, and we had a nice time hanging out :D

Her stay was rather short so I was also trying to spend time catching up with her since I have not seen her in years!

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Ustream channel

Discovered thru Azami sensei and Danny, managed to pop on it myself, here’s my channel. Basically it’s a real time broadcasting website where you can share what you’re doing at the moment, real time tutorials etc…

I drew a couple sketches on my last broadcast ^O^ below is one of them, was trying to draw a Moe + sexy maido chan ^^;

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Many days in random photos

It feels like I have been neglecting my blog for a bit, sorry about that! I was looking back in my photos folder and realised I have some photos backlogged ^^; so gonna share some today :)

Below is princess Ginko taking a nap :P photo taken by my husband I think!

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Tokyo Trip

Yes we did ^^;

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Sakura Saturday

This Saturday’s weather forecast was sunny and clouds, so had to get out there and try to take pix of the fleeting Sakuras (cherryblossoms)!

The white dots on the ground are wild daisies :) I love how serene and peaceful the above photo is ^^

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Couple sketches and a load of cute ^^;

Did a couple sketches last week, one was a random girl in bikini (drew it before the bad news day).

Last week a friend came over to visit us for a bit (she also needed to drop something off) and we took her to stalk baby bunnies at a local park (selected pix under cut) :D I hope it distracted my husband a little, a tiny little baby bunny ate a carrotstick from his hand and actually touched his finger a bit! (I’m jealous :P) Husband had Meowmeow for longer than I do, while I know I am still upset over Meow’s passing, I know he had a longer and stronger bond with the cat, who of course loves my husband more than me, and may take longer for his sadness to pass…

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Tare-Danny and Mascot tees feature!

Danny beat me to posting a gathering of those who purchased the tees and actually posted photos! :D

Check out adorable Mimi in her Danny choo + mascot fan art teeshirt ^O^! I like checkin out cute girls, I cannot lie ^^;

Tenrou was one of the first few to get his teeshirt in the mail, but zyuan was possibly the first to post on dannychoo news ^^; Gordonator, your friendly trooper next door, was possibly the first Singaporean to make an order (don’t mind me saying that gordon :P) And I almost missed Dejoker‘s post until I saw Danny’s news hijack ^^; And I had a secret image from FatB as well lol! *cough*

I know a bunch of you had bought something, not just Danny choo related items, take for example, the Meow tee! (Thank you tibiloo!)

I am super grateful for everyone’s kind support! I will slowly add more items over time, so hopefully there may be something which catches your eye for yourself or your loved ones!

Thank you!

Sorry for not posting much for a bit, September just turned out to be a lot busier than expected (not just work wise) so that meant less time for colouring and personal artwork ;_;

Anyways here’s a big Thank you art for all those who visited, commented, linked up etc etc etc! :D I’m normally not very good at keeping track of record hit counts but heart felt thanks from me and my mascot characters :P I’m also excited to say that on 7th September we got a record setting number of page impressions on :) If I did not read the data wrongly I think a lot of them came from (Domo Arigato!!!)
A little information about the “Thank you” image above, I tried to ink on a sketch pad, but unfortunately the paper tend to make the line art “bleed” so I apologise for the rough edges on the image above ^^;;

And a scan of some older practice sketches done end of August ^^/

Tumblr was updated with an evil food post :PTalk about food, I should grab a quick lunch and continue working ^^;;;;