Strida Mini spring debut

I got a flat back tire on my way back ^^; Poor Strida Mini is overdue for a service :P

I left my home at about 2.18pm, reached Steveston Village around 2.36 pm.

We had sun, and rather thick clouds, the sky is THIS blue during some point in time of my journey :) I didn’t do any editing on this picture! :D

The clouds were super thick and grey up north in downtown Vancouver ^^;

There’s constructions of a dense amount of town homes near to the water >_<; Making the area very dusty, and there are cracks on the walk way :( I hope they will fix it >_<;

All these amazing photos are taken on the phone! I think the phone does well in daylight ^^ for darker/night photos it’s way too grainy XD

The traffic light in Steveston village is nicely done up, not everyone follow the rules tho >_<;

When I was on my way home, someone remarked I had a flat, I got off and the tire bounced back so I’m hoping it’s just that there’s not enough air in it rather than a hole ^^;

I felt resistance on my bike but didn’t think it was my tire being flat ^^; I hope it’s not a hole, it still bounces back when I got off the bike and when I got home I pumped some air in it, will have to check to see if it leaks out the next few days :P

Really pleased that our daffodils come back every year, with a few more flowers each time XD

It was a good work out :P I look forward to cycling more often when the weather is less cold!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    I managed to pump some air into the tire today, gonna see if it deflates :P if it does means there’s a hole somewhere =_=;

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