Batmouse Evolution teeshirt

Got a teeshirt for husband for his birthday (late present since his birthday already passed :P), too bad it did not arrive before Anime Evolution on the weekend ^^; Right now it’s waiting to be washed lol

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Mirai curry

One other thing I really enjoy drawing/painting a lot is food, so when I got a shout from Danny to paint the curry (and Mirai’s arm into place) for Mirai-chan’s curry I of course jumped at the chance to do so!

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Mirai Suenaga fan art

Yup another Mirai Suenaga chan fan art ^^;

Seeing so many yummy fan arts on, makes me itchy to make one, so um took a break to make one (LOL) Ugh still lots of stuff to pack (How do you pack heavy books effectively ^^;;;; Any tips anyone?

Click image below to full view :D I’ll update her into gallery later on ^^;/

Who is Mirai Suenaga?

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Tokyo Trip

Yes we did ^^;

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Post birthday documentation ^^

Take note, my birthday has already passed okay :P LOL This is just an entry to document activities and of course FOOD ABUSE lol! We start with this yummy salmon burger (Which I already took a nibble of) which I had at Watermark on Kits Beach  photo taken by my husband ^^ I took one before the nibble but I felt that this one taken by my husband looks better ^^/

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Lumix LX3

Our current 3 year old point and shoot digital camera is not meeting our expectations these days, especially during low light condition. So me and hubsband decided to give LX3 a try — thanks to seeing some recommendations in the comments on and Danny’s own photos. The nice thing about some (not all) of the stores in Canada is that we at least have a 14 day return policy, so we can actually try the camera for that period of time to see if it’s a keeper :)

Yoshi under the chair (click for larger image)

So far we’re still trying to get used to the different features and functions, so not all photos are picture perfect. So if you’re curious to see what pictures we took with the LX3, this entry is for you :) Be warned tho, there’s food pix ahead!

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Thursday sketches

Finally an overdue entry for some sketches ^^; Our cat’s condition is still keeping us on our toes, so I barely have time to think about sketches, but I was at the shop yesterday and there were some slower moments so I sketched on and off. Here are 3 of them ^^/! My eyes (optical pair, just to clarify for those who are from dannychoo :P) had been really tired, and twitchy possibly from not enough rest =_=; Anyhows,

Below is a pencil sketch, with semi reference to one of my Mirai Yukino Dollfie dream photo I took recently :)
Click on image below to view full version ^^/ 

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A (few) day(s) in…

This is a kinda non art related post unless you want to count this postit art my husband drew :P
There’s a sneak peek of something I was working on near end of this entry tho ;D

Our poor senior Meowmeow was sick since monday (started puking around 4 am on monday and puked every other hour o_o), very bad for him, our finances and all of our stress level ^^; Hopefully it’s nothing super major since blood work and xray was non conclusive  at the moment.

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Foxy girl Sketch

This is possibly the first doodle/quick sketch of 2009?

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Mirai Yukino chan! Happy 2009!

This is a semi test post! Haven’t been able to update my blog for a little bit due to some weird bug ^^;, mucked around a bit and I hope it’s working nao (fingers crossed).  Like I mentioned before, I am very pleased to managed to get a special arrival before the new year, her name is Mirai Yukino! ^O^ She is a Dollfie Dream :)

For moar pix clickie here ^^/!

What was I doing on New Year eve? Preparing a feast food! :P I got some help here and there and hubs cleaned up most of it (with some help from me of course), so I really shouldn’t complain, we also have some left over to help us tide over the ridiculous amount of snow we been getting…
(We’re kinda trapped at home again! =_=;)
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