Happy Birthday Mirai chan~

Made a booboo when I rushed off to make dinner ^o^; forgot the braids and hair clip ^o^;;;;;;;;


Always a pleasure to draw Mirai chan tho! :3 And I seem to draw the kneeling pose a lot LOL! Will put on gallery later ^^;

Mirai Suenaga Illustration Contest!

Been a while since I made a full CG!

Mirai Suenaga has always been one of my favourite characters and a great inspiration :3 Had to try my hand to make a new art for the Mirai Suenaga Contest! If you still have time to make  a CG to enter, do it now as the contest ends 20th October ^o^;;;;

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Mirai Suenaga Cheerleader

Haven’t drawn Mirai chan for a while ^^;

You can find the massive size image at

Deviant art:

I have made the dollfie dream size outfit which is currently on way to Danny at the moment, you can see some photos at this link  or click on image below :3

Mirai Suenaga Figma

Congratulations to Danny, whose Mirai Suenaga Figma is officially open for preorders!

Mirai and Danny has always been a big source of inspiration to me, and yet again I felt inspired to draw a fan art of Mirai ^^;/

Please click image below for full view :)

ETA: A huge version can be found on my post :3

Pumpkin carving 2010

So I couldn’t decide what I should carve this year…. then it suddenly hit me XD I was so excited after I decided what I want to carve :P

Recognise who she is? It’s not exactly the same as I kinda eyeball sketched it with a sharpie before carving this time ^^;

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Food and random stuff

Looks like we found a new favorite restaurant ^^;

Thought I should document about it despite some seem repetitive — example going to same place for dindin ^^;

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Batmouse Evolution teeshirt

Got a teeshirt for husband for his birthday (late present since his birthday already passed :P), too bad it did not arrive before Anime Evolution on the weekend ^^; Right now it’s waiting to be washed lol

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Mirai curry

One other thing I really enjoy drawing/painting a lot is food, so when I got a shout from Danny to paint the curry (and Mirai’s arm into place) for Mirai-chan’s curry I of course jumped at the chance to do so!

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Maid Mirai Wallpaper!

With great pleasure we bring you moar Maid Mirai Wallpaper! :3 She’s been working on since yesterday afternoon ^o^;

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