Pumpkin carving

I’ve always been rather curious about pumpkin carving but we never really got around doing it, especially since we don’t celebrate Halloween :P

This year, a few weeks ago we actually checked out a pumpkin patch and acquired a couple pumpkins ^^

Pumpkins sat around for a few weeks before we finally decided that I should carve it before it gets too close to our actual move ^^;

Bought the last pumpkin carving kit from Micheal’s craft store… (Lucky!)

Was somewhat on schedule :P had a few ideas but settled on this impromptu one, started with the smaller pumpkin (which I picked) Husband actually picked one about the same size as mine at first, but he changed his mind and went for a bigger one ^^;

Got Mokotan’s assistance here and there ;P Decided to open the top for this one…

Eek! This part I was on my own ^^;

Scoop the goop, used hands at some point in time ^^; quite messy business this is…

Mokotan inspects…

Paste my design on…

Fast forward… No hands to help me take the actual process of carving lol!


Was almost gonna wait another time to do the 2nd one, but decided to just do it ^^; When else can I continue if I don’t do it this weekend ^^;

Yes, very important to have a doll around lol!

Tried to open the bottom this time ^^

Even more to scoop ^^; but since this is a bigger pumpkin it was easier to stick hand and scrapping tool into the pumpkin this time ^^

Paste on the design you intend to carve on the pumpkin.

Mark the design ^^

Used some flour on the dotted markings ^^; still kinda hard to see ;_;

By the time I’m done, it was already dusk — just in time to light some candles in the pumpkins!

The finer carving didn’t show up as well, probably should try to carve it a bit deeper? I left the top part open so that smoke can escape :3

Who’s following Mirai chan in the dark?!

Ah luckily it’s friendlies :P

I was initially trying to carve a happier mouth shape but it didn’t work out so I shaped it into the “o” shape, probably more fitting for Halloween? :)

Together ^o^/

The Pumpkin carving kit came with a booklet with a bunch of patterns (which I did not use) and a booklet which included tips on how to carve and on pumpkin care, along with a pumpkin pie recipe ^^ I’ll be wrapping these 2 in saran wrap and leaving them in the fridge when it’s not being lit ;)

ETA: thanks Danny for the hijack :)

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween? Any photos or tips to share? :3 My hands smell like pumpkin now ^^;

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