Mirai curry

One other thing I really enjoy drawing/painting a lot is food, so when I got a shout from Danny to paint the curry (and Mirai’s arm into place) for Mirai-chan’s curry I of course jumped at the chance to do so!

Are you lucky enough to get a chance to taste Mirai-chan’s curry? It seems that other than bringing this curry to Tokyo CGM night, Danny’s negotiating with Indotei to bring Mirai-chan’s curry to AFA in Singapore!  I am so jealous :P!!!

One thing about painting delicious food is that the reference picture often make me feel very hungry ^^;;;;; I had to have an early lunch after I completed the first draft lol! Hope you guys enjoy the image as much as I enjoyed painting it :)

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  1. BCOtaku
    BCOtaku says:

    Curry looks delicious.. Makes me look forward to AFA more, but will probably be burning hole in pocket just for the curry. Being 13 year old otaku is tough —

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