Tokyo Trip

Yes we did ^^;

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Art post

Finally another art related post ^^; Husband was remarking that my “puppy52art” blog is becoming miscellaneous stuff blog :P but I told him photos are art too rite? ^^; Anyhows, I had been am very busy, June = crazy busy, and there are some things which I need but yet to finish! T_T;

Below is a photo a friend took of me at the Artist Alley in Anime Expo 2001 ^^; It was dated July 5 2001, how nostalgic!  I was still young and tender then ^^; lol!

Nao… on with the art stuff ^^;/

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All your dolphins are belong to us

Before leaving the house today I was on the internet briefly, and found that the “special version” (18+) is on the news item of!

Warning: If you’re offended by art nudity, please check out the other version which I had posted sometime last week instead.

If it isn’t obvious enough, I’m a big fan of the cute mascot of — Mirai Suenaga, and had wanted to make a flash doll of her for a while now. I’m not sure if the april fool prank of 2008 which danny pulled had anything to do with the process being speeded up (LOL), but I’m quite pleased with the result! :3

When I have time in future I hope to add more items into her wardrobe!

If you enjoy dressing up electronic dolls, I am currently doing work for cartoondollemporium making kid safe dolls (meaning underwear is not removable). Cartoondollemporium have a large selection of dolls and games in different styles on site :D

Haruhi and dolphin fan art got a mention ^O^!

Screencapture updated to reflect Danny’s recent hard work on his site :D

You can down load the special larger verion at Danny’s news page ^^/ Thank you Danny!