I had a splash of inspiration and decided to try to enter the Threadless challenge! :D

Pretty please vote for my design! ^O^!

Other mumbo jumbo — cats and miscellaneous life/food documentation…

Sorry I had been neglecting the blogs for a bit, had been pushing myself to finish up some sewing work ^^; below is one of the evenings where I actually wasn’t sewing lol

Yoshi trying to halp…

Sights of an evening walk :)  Miscellaneous plants:


Miscellaneous cats… Cat among shrubs… (His name is Henry I think)

Cat on fence…

Not sure if this is a stray or not, very friendly and funny :P it rammed into my leg twice…

Fantastic evening view

Lucky dog got an ice cream all for itself :D

Different days… Food purchased from food court in Yaohan… Under all the side dishes is fried rice noodles :P It fed me and husband, and was quite cheap?

Little bird


Crime in progress :P

Thanks for looking! And please vote for me or help me spread the news! lol

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